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10 Ways to Know You Have a Great Coaching Niche!

Reading Time: less than 1 min
One great way to establish if you have a clearly defined niche is if you can answer these questions: Where do your clients hang out? What magazines do they read? What websites do they visit and what groups do...
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What are Softeners in Coaching?

Reading Time: less than 1 min
In coaching, softeners are a a few words you use just before asking a difficult question to literally 'soften the blow'. By using a softener, you're subconsciously preparing your clients for a...
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Fast and Furious Decision Making Exercise!

Reading Time: 1 min
This is a fun exercise to do with a client who can't make a decision. What you need: Your client and a clear goal or issue that the client wants to make a decision around. Start by explaining you're...