Coach FEATURE: Meet Lynda Monk, MSW, RSW, CPCC

Lynda Monk, Inspirational Journaling Coach, on a walk with Sadie!

I love learning more about our fellow coaches, building community and featuring coaches doing great work! This month we're continuing our "meet the guest author" series. Lynda has written several articles for us over a few years now, and is also my co-leader at the ICF "Life Vision & Enhancement" Community of Practice.

Lynda lives on Salt Spring Island - like me - and over the years I am proud to say we have grown beyond being colleagues - into friends!

A big thank-you to Lynda for sharing more of herself in this month's coach feature! And do keep an eye on what Lynda is up to - she is making great strides in the world of journal writing for health and wellness!

About Lynda Monk, MSW, RSW, CPCC

From: Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada

Business name: Creative Wellness

Describe your coaching business in one sentence: I am a writing for wellness coach who works with heart-centered helping and healing professionals, and creative soulful women, who want to prevent burnout, gain clarity and come home to themselves through the healing power of writing.

Meet Lynda:

QUESTION 1: What one book should every coach read - and why?

I love the book "Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear" by Elizabeth Gilbert. I believe creative thinking is at the heart of transformation, growth, progress and success - this book inspires creative possibilities that can inspire coaches and clients alike!

QUESTION 2:  Which website do you visit the most?

My own websites, as I am always updating them!

QUESTION 3: Whom do you admire most?

My husband Peter, who I lovingly call "Pedro" from our many trips to Mexico together, is the rock in our family (his name means rock and it suits him well!)  I admire him for many reasons – he is a loving father to our two sons, a present and supportive husband, he puts family first.  He is an artist, an entrepreneur, he lives true to his values, and he savours the simple moments in life like morning coffee together.  He NEVER complains.  His positive attitude enriches my life!

QUESTION 4: What's your vision for your life? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

My vision for my life is to be the best that I can be at all that I do - marriage, motherhood, family life, self-care and being a successful entrepreneur are the key priorities in my life.  I believe excellence requires intention, discernment, commitment and action. My vision is to always dream big enough and work diligently enough to make a positive difference in this world.  In 5 years, I see myself celebrating success, reach and impact as the Director/leader of the International Association for Journal Writing - an inspiring and supportive learning community for journal and life writers worldwide.

QUESTION 5: What is your "big project" at the moment?

My big project at the moment is working towards re-launching the International Association for Journal Writing - in January 2018. I want to make the founder and previous owner of this organization, Ruth Folit, very proud and happy that she chose me to pass her creation/community to for this next chapter of growth.

QUESTION 6: What has been your favourite coaching moment so far?

One of my favourite coaching moments happened a couple of weeks ago when a client called me out of the blue on a Friday afternoon to celebrate a success that she accomplished as a result, in part, of the coaching work we did together. She is a young indigenous woman who is creating change in the area of maternal and infant health in her community. Receiving her gratitude for how coaching helped her to name her dreams and take risks, and more importantly, to also be able to celebrate her success from taking action in the direction of her dreams, was very rewarding!

QUESTION 7: What are your Top 3 favourite coaching tools and/or resources?

  1. The Coaching Tools Company tools, resources and newsletter - I appreciate all the care, thought, diligence and consistency you put into creating and sharing valuable coaching resources. I love using these tools in my individual coaching as well as in my workshops with clients.
  2. choice - the magazine for professional coaching - I read every issue cover to cover. I always get new ideas to integrate into my coaching work and also inspiration to grow as a coach.
  3. Quotes, guided meditations and journaling prompts - I love the power of words, story, metaphor, meditation and inquiry to help generate "aha moments" with clients. I also use both of these tools for my own self-care, growth, mindfulness and inspiration as a coach.

QUESTION 8: What do you love most about being a coach?

I love that it's a path of endless learning. I appreciate that I can be a coach in my own unique way. I can integrate the many parts of my education, experience, skills, knowledge, passions and life into the heart and soul of who I am as a coach.  I am both a social worker and a coach.  I teach, coach, facilitate, speak, write, create programs and more. Coaching is the ultimate form of creative self-expression in service to the goals, learning and transformation of others.

Coaching makes the world a better place!

QUESTION 9: Tell us a secret about you...

I am an adoptee. While this isn't a secret, the many parts of who I am that are informed from being an adoptee are more personal and quiet within. I am currently writing a book about finding and meeting my birth mother, the healing power of love, the formative experience of infant abandonment called Surrender: An Adoptee's Memoir. I once read that adoption is the only trauma where we expect the victim to be grateful. This book explores identity, addiction, mother love, choice and loss. It is about being relinquished, being forgotten, being remembered and being enough.

QUESTION 10: If you could change one thing in our world, what would it be? And how would you go about it?

I would wave a magic wand that allows every person on the planet to recognize their personal power to make a positive difference. I believe we are all here at this specific time in history because we are needed to help save our planet and ensure that human existence and planetary survival are secured for many, many generations and lifetimes to come. We are living amidst pivotal and critical times. The planet is begging for our enlightenment, right action and optimism. We are called to ways of being and doing that are sustainable, loving, courageous, peaceful and wise. We are here at this time to save the world, literally! One word, one action, one coaching session, one choice at a time. Doing nothing is not an option.

It is time for us to truly "Be the change we want to see in the world." Mahatma Gandhi

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