The Best of 2018: Successes, Most Popular Articles, 10 Most Loved Free Resources & Top Products!

The Coaching Tools Company Most Popular 2018 with Coach reading papers

How was 2018 for you? We reviewed our successes, articles and blog posts for the year. It's not an exact science, but we did our best!

I can thoroughly recommend doing something similar for your business. It's interesting to review the year just past, and it's empowering and uplifting to realise we achieve much more than we remember. I hope you enjoy the summary below.

2018 was a busy year - here are just a few highlights!


  • If you read our newsletter, you are now part of a community of 41,000 newsletter readers from 175 different countries. Coaching is so international - and we hope to grow our readers to 50,000 in 2019!
  • Our free tools were downloaded 163,824 times!
  • We launched the "Coaches Helping Coaches" Facebook Group in April, which has just reached 5000 people! It's a highly active group - and we put a lot of effort into ensuring promotions are carefully managed and don't swamp the group newsfeed (it's been a big year of learning - and setting boundaries in this regard!)
  • We were named again as a Top 50 Coaching Blog & Website for Professional Coaches for 2019 (we are number 6!)

Supporting You

  • You asked for more sales. So as well as our popular Annual Fireworks Sale offering 35% off Sitewide, we introduced a new Flash Sale offering 25% off Sitewide for Cyber Monday. Plus we now offer great discounts off 3 products a month!
  • We created a new look for our blog articles with great images - and added the "Reading Time" (we know you're busy!)
  • We simplified our newsletter look and feel - to make our emails easier to scan and read.
  • We gave away 3 WBECS "Executive Speed Learner" Packages (valued at $1497 each) offering over 160 CCEUs!

The Coaching Tools Company Team

  • Emma-Louise was asked to present to the coaching team at NASA on Coaching Tools. We can now officially say, "The Coaching Tools Company works with NASA"! She also co-led the ICF "Life Vision & Enhancement" Community of Practice with Lynda Monk and facilitated 4 live webinars plus a Facebook "Live" to help coaches use Social Media!
  • We hired the fabulous Mary Turcott - who you may be seeing around more online and in our emails more. She moderates the Facebook Group and manages our Social Media presence as well as learning the business!
  • Natasha Kong is our resident graphic designer and has enjoyed creating many beautiful new graphics and infographics as well as updating the look and feel of all our Toolkit Images, User Guides and Free Tools! Now that was a big job 🙂
  • Duncan continues to help people with Customer Support and (importantly!) maintain the website.

New Products

Living our Values

  • We lived our corporate values and donated over $11,000 to charities we believe are important in the world!
  • You met 10 more coaches in our "Meet The Coach" Features, where you get to meet your fellow coaches!
  • We were proud to support World Mental Health Day with 3 different sets of graphics to share. It's important to us to normalise talking about Mental Health!

Here are the Top 10 Articles/Graphics from 2018! Enjoy:

Our infographics continue to be super-popular! Here are the Top 5 from 2018:

  1. Why Hire a Coach? INFOGRAPHIC with 12 Great Reasons everyone should get a coach! (1,932 shares)
  2. Succeed in Life INFOGRAPHIC to Share | 12 Tips on How to Succeed! (1,303 shares)
  3. 10 Weird and Wonderful Ways to Get Unstuck! INFOGRAPHIC from The Coaching Tools Company (1,032 shares)
  4. Be Authentic INFOGRAPHIC to Share | 11 ideas on How to Connect with YOU! (750 shares)
  5. Be Confident! INFOGRAPHIC with 11 Ideas and Tips to Be More Confident! (455 shares)

And here are the most popular articles from 2018:

  1. 59 of The Best Gratitude Quotes (226 Social Shares)
  2. Virginia Satir's 6 Stages of Change & What it Means for Coaches! | By Emma-Louise Elsey (164 shares)
  3. How to Deal With Your Mindset Monkeys in 3 Simple Steps! | By Ruby McGuire ( 145 shares)
  4. 10 Inspiring and Awesome Coaching Quotes ABOUT Coaching! (126 shares)
  5. My Very Personal Story: Where I Am Now for World Mental Health Day 2018 (we received a lot of comments and personal emails)

The 10 Most Popular Free Tool Downloads of 2018:

This is more of an exact science! Our Top 10 Free Resources generated 88,692 downloads! The total number of free resource downloads was 163,824. Here are the top free resources downloaded in 2018:

  1. Wheel of Life Template with Instructions (downloaded 17,540 times)      Free Coaching Tools, Free Coaching Exercises, Forms, Templates and Worksheets
  2. 21 Questions to Extraordinary Goal-Setting (10,500 times)
  3. Intake Session TEMPLATE Checklist (9,799 times)
  4. 37 Coaching Questions to Liberate Your Clients! (8,719 times)
  5. Action Brainstorming Worksheet (8,563 times)
  6. BLANK Coaching Wheel (7,622 times)
  7. Understanding The Why of Your Goals (7,564 times)
  8. Sample Values List (6,368 times)
  9. Client Info Sheet TEMPLATE (6,044 times)
  10. Wrap-up Session Questions (5,973 times)

 And our Most Popular 5 Products in 2018:

  And finally, here are our most popular sellers from last year:

Followed by our Coaching Agreement Sample Template, Balance & Self-Care Toolkit, Self-Discovery Toolkit, in equal 9th place the 21 1/2 Workshop Icebreakers & Exercises and the Inside a Coach's Heart Social Media GRAPHICS, and the Productivity & Time Management Toolkit to round out our Top 10!

I hope you enjoyed these highlights and summary! For our latest articles visit the Coaching Blog or go here to Sign-up for our newsletter!

We'd love to hear your 2018 highlights - simply tell us in the comments below!

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  1. Lynda Monk

    Hi Emma, it is great to read your year in review! You and TCTC have much to celebrate. I love watching you use your own tools to succeed in your business, like your Goal Setting Toolkit and more. You are a true inspiration as an entrepreneur within the coaching industry. Your tools help many coaches and our clients alike. Best wishes for a fabulous 2019, I can already imagine your list of successes for the year to come! Thanks for being a great co-leader in our Life Vision & Enhancement Community of Practice with the ICF, for being my Mastermind partner and for being a true friend and colleague. Keep shining your bright light in the world!

    • Emma-Louise

      Dear Lynda, thank-you so much for your beautiful comment 🙂 It made my heart sing!!! Wishing you the very best in 2019 with and more! Em x


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