Your 2018 Holiday Gift from us at The Coaching Tools!

At The Coaching Tools we love coaches and coaching!

This year, we've created a holiday gift: "Make it Happen!", Your 3 Month Business Action Planner. This tool helps you set high level goals for your business in 2019, choose your top priorities for the first Quarter/3 Months and then set actions to get there.

Keep your business planning simple - in threes - 3 Months, 3 Priorities, just 3 Actions per week!


Make it Happen in 2019!


EmmaLouiseElseyBWsmallWe love coaches! This year's Holiday Thank-you Gift "Make it Happen!" is an updated .pdf coaching exercise to help hard-working coaches like you achieve their goals. Enjoy!

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We love coaches and coaching! This year, to celebrate the work you do as a coach we've created a holiday gift:


  1. Sam

    Thank you for a timely and well planned business action plan.
    As always your emails are packed with sustenance.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you and all your team.


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