Life Balance INFOGRAPHIC | 11 Powerful Tips to Create More Balance in Life!

To help with enjoying a balanced life over the school holidays, we created this LIFE BALANCE infographic to inspire you - and share!

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  • EASY: Ask fans & followers, "Which of the 11 tips most inspires YOU?"
  • MEDIUM: Share the graphic, and expand on your favourite tip saying how YOU would help a client in this area!
  • CHALLENGE: Taking each tip in turn, write a few sentences developing each area and share daily for 11 days to inspire your fans and followers to hire you!
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Which of these 11 Life Balance Tips Do You Like Best?

My favourite is FEELINGS MATTER! Because (if you pay attention) your feelings really do tell you what's going on with you, so that you can take action and bring yourself more in balance.

Life Balance Infographic

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If you have any tips to add to this Life Balance infographic, we'd love for you to comment & share below!

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  1. Virginia Reeves

    On-target reminders on how to life life more responsibly because that leads to more fulfillment. Accept what you cannot change is becoming a bigger factor in my life. It does help when dealing with people or circumstances you have little influence with.


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