Coaching Tools 101: Handle Rejection Like A Pro With These 10 Top Tips!

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Rejection is utterly unavoidable in life. So why do people spend so much time and energy trying?

Well, it hurts of course! But it doesn't need to… In order to minimize the pain of rejection, we can help our clients find a way to avoid taking rejections personally.

Here are 10 of my Top Tips to help your clients handle rejection:

  1. There isn't a "Handle Rejection" strategy that works for everyone in all circumstances. Each circumstance is unique - so help your clients find time for reflection, self-compassion and learning.
  2. Fearless repetition! Help your clients learn to think like winners! Remember: Winners lose more than losers because winners keep losing UNTIL they win!
  3. Don't settle for less. Help your clients keep trying until they find the people who LOVE them - or what they do!
  4. Rejections often SEEM personal but rarely are. Help your clients MAINTAIN their dignity by believing in and respecting themselves - no matter what they think anyone else thinks about them! Read more about this tip here >> Another Tool to Handle Rejection, Self-Esteem!
  5. No is just a word - 2 letters. Ask your clients, "Are you going to care in 10 minutes, 10 days, 10 months or 10 years?"
  6. Remember "Rejection is a myth". It's not the rejection itself that hurts, it's what we think and say to ourselves about that rejection that hurts us.
  7. Reframe the Rejection. Eg. Rejection is simply the price we pay for wanting a better life. For more reframes, check out our sister article here >> Help Clients Handle Rejection Beautifully - 5 Reframes to Really Give Them Something to Think About!
  8. We must Stop Making Assumptions about WHY we were rejected! Help your clients either to ask for feedback and get the truth OR if they will INSIST on making assumptions, help make them POSITIVE assumptions! Read more about this tip here >> Have Your Clients Got Psychic Skills? 
  9. Remind your clients always to Look for the Learning. A "No" may become a "Yes" under certain conditions - they just need to find out what they are! Read more about this tip here >> Do Your Clients Make This Rejection Mistake?
  10. Take it Gracefully – and here's a useful phrase to help, "Thanks for letting me know. Obviously I would have preferred it if you had said yes."

And a final quote to help your clients handle rejection:

“We would worry less about what others think of us if we realized how seldom they do.”  Ethel Barrett

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