Visualize Success in 6 Easy Steps with this Meditation Process! | By Sura Kim

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Empower your clients to visualize their success through this 6-step meditation guide

Meditation is a practice that can help you tap into our deepest desires. When you take the time to slow down and be quiet, you can visualize more clearly what you want to create. As coaches, you can facilitate this process for your clients and guide them to achieve their most important goals.

When the mind is full of thoughts and stories, its like a rippling lake, full of sediment and waves. It's filled with clutter. By taking the time to meditate, you smooth out the wavy, tumultuous nature of the mind. It becomes calm like a still lake. You can see all the way to bottom with greater precision and clarity. You are more present, calm and focused.

In the experience of meditation, it's possible to receive visions. One's inner-vision may enter as an inspiration, a subtle feeling or impression. And the practice of meditation can help anyone visualize what they most want to create.

How can visualization help achieve success?

Visualization allows your clients to connect to their life intentions on a deeper level. It empowers them to subconsciously tap into their inner-most creations and bring them to fruition, often by-passing the conscious mind.

When you visualize success through meditation you cultivate a calm inner-state of being. When you're centered and relaxed you become receptive to your innermost desires. And you can help your clients experience this through mindfulness.

Here's a Simple 6-Step Guide to Get You Started Sharing Visualization with your Clients

  1. Begin by helping your client relax. You can start by asking them to gently scan their body from the bottoms of their feet to the top of their head, relaxing each part of the body. A body scan practice allows them to let go and become more present in their body.
  2. When your client is calm and relaxed, ask them to gently focus on their breath. You can guide them in taking 5 breaths together with you.
  3. After your breathing exercises, ask them what they really want. What do they want to experience this year?
  4. Now take the time to visualize. Ask your client to envision and feel what it would be like to achieve and realize their success. What do they notice? What does it feel like in their body? Ask them to connect deeply to this inner experience.
  5. Create connection. Ask your client what symbol or simple phrase will help them connect to this experience?
  6. Make visualizing success a practice. Tell your client to visualize their success every morning for 3 minutes a day. It especially helps to practice this after a meditation practice when they're completely calm and at ease.


Visualization through meditation can help your clients connect more deeply to their intentions. You also provide a lifelong value to them by helping them relax, get grounded and be more focused.

To effectively facilitate relaxation and visualization, it helps to have a personal mindfulness practice as a coach. The more you develop this skill, the easier it is to share it with others. When you learn to cultivate calm, you provide that space of calm to your clients. They will feel it and appreciate it.

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