Is Your Work Supporting You? Use Mindfulness to Be At Your Best! By Jenn Danielson

unsplash-mac-glasses-smallWe've all seen the articles and heard the inspirational talks about how mindfulness can help us feel better, be calmer and "amp up" our self-care. And that self-care is critical for you to be your best for your clients! But, did you know that practicing mindfulness on a regular basis can also become a 'go-to' place when you want to assess how your work is supporting you?

It's not just warm-fuzzies. Mindful connection can be the barometer for you and your direction in your work. What better time to regain clarity and focus than now?

Use Mindfulness to Check-In to See How Your Work is Supporting You:

Pause and ask yourself, "In this moment, doing this work or task, do I feel balance? Or stress?"

  1. If you feel balance, pause and smile. Enjoy the feeling, even (especially!) knowing that it's just this moment.
  2. If you feel stress, tension or unease, acknowledge it and let it be just that. Do not judge, push it aside or try to do anything about it right away. First, simply take a few moments to fully notice that you're feeling stressed. How do you notice that in your body? What tells you that you're stressed?
  3. Next consider what this balance or stress is telling you right now. Does "balance" mean you have rested and are ready to move to the next phase of your work? Perhaps "unease" is telling you that it's a good idea to proof read your writing again. Is "stress" telling you to take a moment to review and get clear on your priorities so you know you're working on what's most important?

Please note that this is a very personal experience - unique to you and each context.

Other ways you can be mindful while working include:

1) Notice how you feel during specific tasks:

  • Do you notice new or increased tensions when you're working on marketing?
  • How do you feel when writing?
  • How does your voice sound when you speak about specific topics?

2) Notice what you are doing when you experience specific emotions:

  • When do you feel joyful?
  • When do you feel small or limited?
  • What tunes you into, or knocks you out of, a state of 'flow' or enjoyment?

With this information, you can now mindfully make the connections between your work and your mind state.

Take Your Mindful Moment to the Next Level to Grow:

When you notice how you feel, and what specific things you are doing at that time, pause to notice:

  • Are these things you want more of?
  • Are these things you could let go?
  • What steps will you take to do this?

If you shift these things, what might change in your work and in other areas of your life? Be mindful of how your body reacts when you think about these changes.


When you tap into mindful presence in your life, it's not only an opportunity to connect to yourself and take care of your self, it's an opportunity to consider how you're connecting with your work, how your work is supporting you and how you can best move forward. By noticing and paying attention to how you react to various aspects of your work, you can create shifts to grow you - and your business - together.

Take the time for you. Take the time for your business. It only takes a moment to be mindful and the more to step into it, the greater your presence can be, at any moment.

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