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Coaches are a unique breed, equal parts change-makers, guides, cheerleaders, creators and entrepreneurs. I developed an interest in coaching after I overcame a life challenge and wanted to support others facing the same issues. I know I'm not alone.

Creating a thriving coaching practice though can be overwhelming. The freedom, flexibility and fulfillment that drove us to start our coaching business can slip through our fingers as we struggle to find clients, manage our time and lose focus of our priorities

Here are 4 ways to start enjoying fun and freedom in your coaching practice right now

1) Get crystal clear about your priorities

When we start the coaching program, I invite clients to work on an exercise called 'Your True North'. They look at their life from an aerial perspective and then break this down into short terms goals. Some questions that help them determine their True North are: what needs to be accomplished and experienced before they die? What legacy do they want to leave behind in their personal and professional lives? This exercise gives them crystal clarity about what's important and what's not. From this clarity about priorities, we can move onto the next step...

2) Master the art of saying no

When we know exactly what's important in the larger scheme of things, we can very easily say no to events, people and opportunities that don't align with our True North and life goals. I highly recommend learning the art of saying no. Let no be a complete sentence. Say it without apologies, explanations or justifications. Sometimes we get caught up with trying to defend or over-explain our feelings and decisions. It's ok to be gentle yet firm and direct. Remember these words:

Saying no to what deeply doesn't matter means you say yes to what does. Gemma Stone

3) Create a powerful morning me-time ritual

Creating morning me-time rituals can help significantly in setting clear intentions and moving our energy forward with clarity and focus. This time allows us to connect with our inner self and set goals and intentions for the day. These rituals don't have to be complicated or time-consuming. Writing in your journal, a 10-minute meditation, a short walk, reading some affirmations, a quick dance, a cup of tea or coffee enjoyed leisurely are some examples. Tune in to see what practice you need to center yourself and prepare emotionally, mentally and energetically for the day to come. This will help with prioritizing and setting boundaries.

4) Reach out—offer and ask for support

Coaching can be a very rewarding life and career choice. Being able to help and empower others while designing a lifestyle and schedule you've dreamed of can be a very fulfilling experience. However it can also be very isolating to work from home and figure it out yourself. You're going to need support both personally and professionally. Schedule time to see friends and family often. Professionally, create a support system too. Find like-minded passionate professionals whose work complements yours and forge JV partnerships, start or join a mastermind where you have accountability and access to expertise and support. Trying to figure it all out on your own can suck the joy out of creating a thriving practice.

Every ambitious, heart-centered woman today has two choices: to reject feminine aspects of herself and continue to burn out, feeling discontent and listless. Or to embrace her gifts, own her power and take herself—and the planet with it—to a thriving, joyful place.


I'll leave you with a couple of questions to ponder:

  • Where in your coaching are you feeling stuck or challenged?
  • Which of these tips can you start with right away?
Puja MadanContributing Author: Puja Madan offers meditations, live events and coaching programs to hundreds of women, moving their inner needle to give more without spinning their wheels and turn their "somedays" into "right nows". She contributes regularly to publications such as the Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, ElephantJournal and is a lover of meditation, smoothies & roller coasters. For more info head over to my website and grab inspiration and updates here on Facebook.

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