10+ Great FREE International Coaching Week Graphics & Resources to Share!

International Coaching Week 2020

We've put links to all of our International Coaching Week Coaching Graphics and Resources—in one place!

Happy International Coaching Week!

Take a look at the 10+ resources, then download and share your favourites with your fans and followers to raise awareness about the benefits of coaching—and the coaching industry. Simply click through to the posts you like, to access and download the relevant graphics and resources.

1) How Could a Coach Help You?

We created this infographic specifically for International Coaching Week!

Use this infographic with 5 coaching questions below to get your fans and followers thinking about how coaching could help them—and maybe hire a coach...

Get your brand new infographic here >>

How Could a Coach Help You? INFOGRAPHIC

2) 5 New Inspiring Quotes About Coaching!

Here are 5 quotes about coaching that we love in a brand new design!

Includes quotes from Brene Brown, Dr Marcia Reynolds and John Wooden. Perfect and ready to share for International Coaching Week!

Get 5 New Quotes About Coaching here >>

3) Live Your Best Life: Hire a Coach!

In these graphics created for International Coaching Week (ICW) we take a closer look at the benefits of coaching.

"Live Your Best Life: Hire a Coach" shares 8 ways a coach helps their clients with descriptions in a colourful jigsaw puzzle design.

Share with your audience—now in 4 different versions! One wide, and two simple square versions - perfect for Instagram and viewing on mobile devices!

Get these helpful graphics here >>

Benefits of Coaching Graphic: Colourful Circle Puzzle Pieces
Live-Your-Best Life-Hire-a-Coach_Coaching-Tools_LIGHT_SQ

4) Inside a Coach’s Heart

What's inside your heart as a coach? We created this coaching graphic to celebrate YOU and to show the great work coaches do. The result is a beautiful graphic for coaches showing what's inside their hearts!

Share this graphic to feel proud of yourself and the work you do.

Get this heartfelt graphic here >>

5) Fun Coaching Bumper Stickers (2 designs)

Coaching Bumper Stickers

We wanted to have some fun too! So we created these 7 Bumper Sticker Graphics:

  1. 3 Simple Graphics based on the I HEART Coaching Theme PLUS
  2. 4 More Bumper Sticker Graphics with a different concept, look & feel!

Share during International Coaching Week (and any time!)

Get your Fun Bumper Stickers here >>

6) 10 Inspiring and Awesome Coaching Quotes ABOUT Coaching!

It can be hard to find inspirational quotes ABOUT Coaching, so we've done it for you!

Instead of our usual colourful and attention-grabbing colour schemes, we went for understated, elegant patterns and gold to signify the quality of coaching!

Get 10 Quotes about Coaching Graphics here >>

10 Coaching Quotes (quotes about coaching) fanned out

7) We LOVE What We Do! Coaching INFOGRAPHIC

We created this coaching infographic to celebrate coaches and the creative partnership!

Because we coaches love what we do, we used the letters of LOVE as an acronym and share:

  1. 4 things a Coach does for their clients and
  2. 4 things a Client gets to do in their lives as a result

Get this "We LOVE What We Do" Graphic >>

8) Why Hire a Coach INFOGRAPHIC

This "Why Hire a Coach?" (Tall) INFOGRAPHIC shares 12 Great Reasons to Get a Coach!

Use this graphic on your social media accounts to jazz up your content! Includes 3 helpful ways you can use this infographic:

  • EASY: Ask fans & followers, "Which reason most inspires you to hire a coach?"
  • MEDIUM: Share the graphic, and expand on your favourite tip saying how YOU would help a client in this area!
  • CHALLENGE: Taking each tip in turn, write a few sentences developing each area and share daily for 12 days to inspire your fans and followers to hire you!

Get this powerful Infographic here >>

9) 12 Signs You're Working With a Coach INFOGRAPHIC

The idea behind this fun infographic is that these 12 fun reasons would demonstrate to the outside world that someone is working with a coach.

I love this fun style of infographic - and we hope it helps you feel proud of yourself and the work you do!

Grab this fun "12 Signs You're Working With a Coach!" >>

Also available in a tall mobile friendly version!

10) Benefits of Coaching Infographics (created by you!)

We asked coaches on Linkedin, "What do YOU think are the Benefits of Coaching?" and you answered!

These graphics are the culmination of weeks of work compiling your responses into 4 "Benefits of Coaching" Infographics. The graphic themes are:

  1. Goals, Change, Transformation & Focus
  2. Create an Authentic and Meaningful Life
  3. Overcome Obstacles, Fears & Gain New Insights
  4. Discover & Learn to Be Who You Are!

Get Your "Benefits of Coaching" Graphics here >>

Brandable Resources to Buy!

Get these Graphics as Brandable Products!

You may recognize the products below from our freebies above! Yes, we've taken the most popular graphics about the benefits of coaching and created brandable graphics for you to use on Social Media, on your blog, in your newsletter and more!

5 More Coaching Resources you may find helpful

1) How & Why to Use Coaching Quotes with 21 Inspirational Quotes about Coaching!

Colleagues Finding Coaching Quotes online

Do you use Coaching Quotes with clients or on Social Media? If not, it may be time to start! Quotes are a great way to connect with people - to share some of your personality, beliefs and values.

In this article we look at the benefits of using quotes, different ways to use them and when, how to find quotes you love and more!

Skip straight to the 21+ Inspirational Coaching Quotes >>

2) ARTICLE with 25 Affirmations For Coaches: What's Inside Your Heart!

Coaches take the business of being a coach very seriously, doing our best to honour and live our values—and express ourselves authentically in our lives and businesses.

What's Inside the Heart of a Coach? Here are 25 Inspiring Affirmations of You!

Read the 25 Coach-Specific Affirmations here >>

3) What does it REALLY take to Grow a Successful Coaching Business?

10 Lessons Webinar with Emma-Louise Elsey!

Emma-Louise shares her story and 16 year coaching career evolution, talks about the hero's journey, why building a coaching business is so challenging, plus sharing the Top 10 Lessons she's learned about what it really takes to build a successful coaching business. This 90 minute webinar includes 35 minutes of no holds barred question-time!

Watch the Webinar Replay & Get Handouts here >>

4) 20 Ways to Celebrate Coaching—and YOU! by Lynda Monk

As coaches, we know the powerful impact that acknowledgement, championing and celebrating can have in helping both ourselves and our clients be the best we can be. Equally important is taking time to celebrate YOU, who you are, what you do and who you are becoming.

Get 10 Ideas to Celebrate Coaching (and You) here >>

5) Coaches Helping Coaches! Facebook Group

Join this supportive group of almost 20,000 coaches! Ask for help, answer questions and connect with your fellow coaches in this vibrant community!

Request to Join the Facebook group here >>

Last but not least: COVID Care Package for Coaches!

Coming down soon, grab these free resources while you still can!

We're excited to offer you this package of free resources to help you step into a leadership role and support you, as you support others.

  • RESOURCE 1: Is a totally customisable article (use however you want - includes tips and instructions).
  • RESOURCE 2: Is a 7 minute calming guided meditation audio. Listen to - or download - the audio. Includes the meditation script.
  • RESOURCE 3: The Spheres of Influence Coaching Tool helps your clients let go of their worries, and focus on what is IN their control.
  • RESOURCE 4: The Serenity Prayer "Printable" - the perfect antidote to worry and stress. AND more resources coming soon!

And many, many more!

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Abena Baiden (she/hers) GMBPsS is the ACC- and ICF-trained founder of Positively Flourishing. Abena runs adult and teen coaching programs to promote wellbeing and personal development with her practice firmly rooted in the values of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging. If not in the classroom or coaching space, you'll find Abena studying for her doctorate (which focuses on coaching in education) or exploring the world from her latest base as an international educator and coach. Lift the lid a little more here

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