4 x "BENEFITS OF COACHING" Infographics (created for International Coaching Week!)

Here at The Coaching Tools Company, we often ask ourselves, "How can we support the coaching industry?" , "How can we spread the word about the value of coaching?" and "How can we help coaches grow their businesses?". So, for International Coaching Week 2019 we thought we'd combine all three!

These Benefits of Coaching Infographics can be shared ANY TIME!

This year, for International Coaching Week, we created 4 brand new infographics, plus some fun bumper sticker graphics - and put them all in one ZIP file for you:

Grab your Special "Celebrate Coaching" Week .ZIP file here >> Get all 4 Infographics (PLUS 7 Bumper Sticker Graphics!) to Share

4 Benefits of Coaching Infographics on Blue background

The ICF (International Coach Federation) International Coaching Week in 2019 runs from April 29 to May 5, and it gives coaches the opportunity to raise the profile of coaching, their businesses - and to celebrate coaching!

How This Year's Benefits of Coaching Infographics Came About:

For this year's International Coaching Week, we got our team together and did some brainstorming. We want you to be proud of being a coach, to celebrate you and the coaching industry. We came up with so many ideas that we picked 3 concepts for 2019!

  1. Firstly, we created 4 Infographics on The Benefits of Coaching! Because we know how hard it can be to explain what coaching is - and how people can benefit from having a coach! These came about when we asked on Linkedin, "What do YOU think are the benefits of coaching?". We had so many great answers that we decided to create not one but FOUR BRAND NEW Infographics  - outlining the Benefits of Coaching.
  2. And we also created a total of 7 Bumper Sticker Graphics for you to share. These consist of 3 Fun Graphics based on the I HEART Coaching theme.
  3. PLUS 4 more fun Bumper Sticker Graphics with a different concept, look & feel!

Let's get Social Media buzzing about Coaching!

Benefits of Coaching Infographics

Click to grab your ZIP File of these Coaching Benefits Infographics!


Grab your "Celebrate Coaching" Week .ZIP file here >>

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Share these Benefits of Coaching infographics on Linkedin, Facebook, Pinterest and more to spread the word about what makes coaching special - plus support your featured fellow coaches!


Here are the wonderful people who contributed to these infographics

In the order that they appear in the infographics, here are all the people who contributed. A big thank-you to:

  1. Lynda Williams
  2. Jimmy Kinnaird
  3. Patricia Steiner
  4. Maeve O'Byrne
  5. Ki Woyke
  6. Emma-Louise Elsey
  7. Jessica McGlyn
  8. Suz Roemer Feely
  9. Baljit Siekham
  10. Allison Wolf
  11. Florie Varga
  12. Delaney Tosh
  13. John W. Sigmon
  14. Ruby McGuire
  15. Magriet Mouton
  16. Lynda Monk
  17. Jo Heather Dodson
  18. Linda Secretan
  19. Andrew Strachan
  20. Melanie Schwabe
  21. Ashirvad Lobo
  22. Rhonda Richter

Share these "Benefits of Coaching" Infographics on Your Social Media!

Use these coaching infographics on your social media to draw attention to coaching, tell people what you offer - and the benefits of coaching. Happy International Coaching Week!

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Tell us what YOU think of these coaching infographics - or what we missed! We'd love for you to comment & share below:

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  1. Waheda

    Happy International Coaching Week to all life coaches throughout the world. Thanks to The Coaching Tools Company for making and sharing the wonderful, helpful and easy to understand the meaning of life coaching infographics. Thank-you again for all the wonderful people who made these extraordinary infographics and sharing them with us.


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