Fun Graphics and Bumper Stickers to Celebrate Coaches - and Coaching!

International Coaching Week is the week for a global celebration of coaching - and a celebration of you, the coaches who make the world a better place. But ANY time is a great time to teach people about coaching - helping them see your passion for coaching, raise the profile of coaching - and more...

These Bumper Stickers were created for International Coaching Week - but can be used ANY time!

Grab your "Celebrate Coaching" Promo Graphics .ZIP file here >>

ZIP FILE CONTAINS: 4 Infographics AND 7 Bumper Sticker Graphics to Share!

International Coaching Week gives coaches the opportunity to raise the profile of coaching, their businesses - and to celebrate coaching!

We want you to be proud of being a coach, and to help you promote coaching on Social Media! And what better way than to create some social media "Bumper Sticker" Graphics?

  1. There are 7 Bumper Sticker Graphics (see link below) for you to share, consisting of 3 Fun Graphics based on the I HEART Coaching Theme PLUS 4 More Bumper Sticker Graphics with a different concept, look & feel!
  2. We ALSO created 4 Infographics on The Benefits of Coaching! Because we know how hard it can be to explain what coaching is and how people can benefit from having a coach.

Let's get Social Media buzzing about Coaching!

Grab your Special International Coaching Week .ZIP file >> - includes 4 Infographics AND 7 Bumper Sticker Graphics to Share!

Need help with your ZIP file? Here's how to unzip your files!

Love this? See more graphics on the benefits of coaching / hiring a coach here:

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