Fun Graphics and Bumper Stickers to Celebrate Coaches - and Coaching!

International Coaching Week is the week for a global celebration of coaching - and a celebration of you, the coaches who make the world a better place. But ANY time is a great time to teach people about coaching - helping them see your passion for coaching, raise the profile of coaching - and more...

These Bumper Stickers were created for International Coaching Week - but can be used ANY time!

Grab your "Celebrate Coaching" Promo Graphics .ZIP file here >>

ZIP FILE CONTAINS: 4 Infographics AND 7 Bumper Sticker Graphics to Share!


The ICF (International Coach Federation) International Coaching Week in 2019 runs from April 29 to May 5, and it gives coaches the opportunity to raise the profile of coaching, their businesses - and to celebrate coaching!

We want you to be proud of being a coach, and to help you promote coaching on Social Media! And what better way than to create some social media "Bumper Sticker" Graphics?

  1. We created 7 Bumper Sticker Graphics (see link below) for you to share, consisting of 3 Fun Graphics based on the I HEART Coaching Theme PLUS 4 More Bumper Sticker Graphics with a different concept, look & feel!
  2. We ALSO created 4 Infographics on The Benefits of Coaching! Because we know how hard it can be to explain what coaching is and how people can benefit from having a coach.

Let's get Social Media buzzing about Coaching!

Grab your Special International Coaching Week .ZIP file >> - includes the 4 Infographics AND 7 Bumper Sticker Graphics to Share!

Need help with your ZIP file? Here's how to unzip your files!

Love this? See more graphics on the benefits of coaching / hiring a coach here:

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