INFOGRAPHIC: Live Your Best Life - Hire a Coach

NOW 4 Versions of this Popular Graphic!

For International Coaching Week, we took a closer look at the benefits of coaching. And created this brand new infographic: "Live Your Best Life: Hire a Coach" with 8 ways a coach helps their clients for you to share with your audience.

*NOW* in 4 different versions: One wide for Facebook, two simple square versions for Instagram and *NEW* one tall version perfect for Pinterest and viewing on mobile devices!

The "Live Your Best Life - Hire a Coach" Full-Size Infographic:

Benefits of Coaching - Live Your Best Life Graphic with Colourful Circle

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Here are 2 Square Versions of "Why Hire a Coach" for Instagram:

Why Hire a Coach Graphic with 8 Benefits of Coaching on Colourful Circle with Puzzle Pieces - DARK

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Why Hire a Coach Graphic with 8 Benefits of Coaching on Colourful Circle with Puzzle Pieces - LIGHT

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NOTE: Want to grab the individual graphics to share (and not the whole article)? Right-click (or Ctrl+Click on a Mac) to save the full-size graphic below to your device, then simply share the saved infographic direct from your device!

Plus NEW! Get  a mobile version of  this graphic - also perfect for Pinterest:

Tall infographic: Hire a Coach - Live Your Best Life!

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Get a Brandable Version of these Graphics!

Love these? Get these 4 graphics and 3 more in this popular brandable Why Hire a Coach graphics set for coaches:

Tips for you to Share these "Live Your Best Life" Graphics on Social Media:

  1. EASY: Share this graphic and say something like, "Here are 8 ways a coach helps you live your best life - which of these benefits are you most interested in and why?"
  2. MEDIUM: Share the infographic and expand on your favourite benefit, saying specifically how you work with your clients, and how you would help them!
  3. CHALLENGE: Write a few sentences about each idea, sharing more about it - and why coaching works. Be sure to give your potential clients an insight into coaching! Then share the tips daily to inspire fans to hire you - or turn into a blog post!

What is your favorite benefit of coaching? We'd love for you to comment below.

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Emma-Louise Elsey has been coaching since 2003 and is the Founder of The Coaching Tools Company and Fierce She's passionate about coaching and personal development. Originally a project and relationship manager for Fortune 500 companies she combined her love of coaching, creativity and systems to create over 100 brandable coaching tools, forms and exercises including 30+ completely free coaching tools. She now serves coaches and the coaching world through her exclusive newsletter for coaches, Coaches Helping Coaches Facebook Group and many other great tools for coaches, plus resources and ideas for your coaching toolbox. The Coaching Tools Company is an official ICF Business Solutions Partner.

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  1. Gloria Hauwa Gbemudu

    Coaching helps you fall in love with who you forgot you promised yourself to be!

  2. Jeanette

    Hi Emma-Louise,

    Thank you for is beautiful graphic! May I use it on my website with appropriate credit to the Coaching Tools Company or is it meant for social media only?

    Same question for your infographics like the Confidence one too: May we use it on our websites as well with credit to Coaching Tools Co?

    Thanks very much for always sharing such wonderful materials. Take care and stay safe.

    All the best,

    • Emma-Louise

      Dear Jeannette, thank-you for your lovely comment! And all our infographics that you find on our blog are designed to be shared 🙂 I hope you enjoy! Warmly, Emma-Louise

      • Jeanette

        Thanks so much, Emma-Louise! These beautiful graphics and your generosity are greatly appreciated.

        I will certainly attribute them back to you and Coaching Tools Company.

        Have a wonderful day. Take care and stay safe.

  3. Joseph D'Souza

    Thank you! I dream that one day more will awaken to the discovery that what we call coaching is actually a natural route and lever to our evolution, development and becoming.

  4. Vivian Garcia-Bruno

    I look forward to using this tool to expand awareness about Coaching.!


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