7 Coaching Questions to "Freshen up Your Life!" and Get Re-Motivated (Graphic)

We're a third of the way through the year - it's time to freshen up our outlook and give life a "Spring Clean"!

How you can use this graphic:

  1. Use these 7 questions as great journaling prompts. Either:
    - Choose a question or two and give to your CLIENTS as homework or
    - Ponder these questions and journal around them to give YOURSELF a quick life refresh.
  2. Use these questions in a coaching session to give your clients a fun life "Spring Clean", and then identify 3 actions to move forwards with!
  3. Share this graphic on your social media. Either:
    - Share the graphic on your social media accounts to jazz up your content! or
    - Use the 7 questions in the graphic - daily for a week - as fun question posts to boost engagement with your fans and followers.

Here are 7 Coaching Questions to Help You and Your Clients Spring Clean and "Freshen up Your Life!"

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  1. Michelle

    Down here in Australia we are not getting ready for Spring! We have just started Fall!

    • Emma-Louise

      Dear Michelle - good point. The opposite seasons makes marketing around the globe quite challenging. Although we are international, 75% of our readership is in the Northern Hemisphere - so we tend to focus there. However, you could still use and adapt these questions as a focus for the fall/autumn - to "freshen" or "liven" things up... Our Spring Clean Your Life Free Tool, is also in Microsoft Word, so you can tweak the wording. It must be frustrating sometimes though! Warmly, Emma-Louise


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