Coaching Questions 101: 7 Questions to Identify Values with Your Client!

I believe that helping our clients understand themselves and what drives them is one of the most important services we provide for our clients. Values work is therefore an essential coaching tool in every coach's toolbox.

Below are 7 questions to identify values with your clients:

We'd also love to hear your questions and include them as a resource for other coaches. So, if you comment with your questions below, we'll add them to the list! 

  1. Ask your client to review their week. What did they go out of their way to do and not do? (Eg. If they picked up litter they may have a value of community or respect)
  2. Ask your client to consider times when they have got angry/upset/irritated (look for a value not being met)
  3. Ask your client about times when they have been really happy? (look for the values that are being met)
  4. If your client could only take 3 THINGS into a difficult, possibly dangerous situation, which are the things they absolutely must have? *
  5. What is your client's favourite animal and why? *
  6. What is your client's favourite activity and why? *
  7. Who does your client admire? What about them do they admire? *

* For Questions 4-7 keep asking, "What's special about that?" until you get to a value.

And remember, we'd love to include YOUR questions to identify values in this list - just comment below!

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