7 Deep Coaching Questions to Connect to Your Dreams & Goals (GRAPHIC)

Any time is a great time to ponder what we want from life! What matters most, what's missing, what do you really, really want - and more! Use these Coaching Questions for both you AND your clients to refocus and get inspired in life. And take action too!

Which of the 7 Coaching Questions below most grabs you?

Set aside some quiet time to ponder, reflect and ask yourself these questions, or use in a session with your clients! Then pick one action to move forwards with today!

7 Coaching Questions to Connect to your Dreams!

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  1. Linda

    Hello dear coaches
    I just watched Audrey Hepburn biography and was struck by her emergent vision, a vision that was latent, and when she paid attention to a quickening within, (her work with children) the sparkle in her eyes, (dulled by sadness) returned. She was leaning deeply into her purpose - and her vision.
    Perhaps our vision or purpose for our lives is, in part, something that is emergent.

  2. wendy Buckingham

    Great questions. I've also found "What's working?" and "What's not working? in your life a good approach. Often a client doesn't know specifically or cant articulate what they want and the question can cause stress. They come for coach to help clarify what they want and using these questions and something like the wheel of life can be great help in getting an answer to the "What do you want?".


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