The Perfect Coffee Break Read! Tips, Wisdom & Inspiration From Your Fellow Coaches!

fdj0438648First, a huge "Thank-you!" to all the writing contest entrants. We really appreciate the time and effort that went in.

And Wow! What a great writing contest with so many nuggets, gems and inspirations. We didn't want you to miss anything, so we we've put together a post with some of the best wisdom from our writing contest entrants. And what a post it is, with everything from inspirational tips, to coaching tips, business tips and some great coaching questions - we've got it all covered!

Now it's time to grab your cup of tea or coffee, take a break and curl up with this quick inspirational read!

Collected Coaching Wisdom And Inspiration from Your Fellow Coaches:

Inspirational Tips!

  1. "Let 'No' be a complete sentence. Say it without apologies, explanations, or justifications." Puja Madan
  2. "Write down your new rules. Throw away the old rule book that was given to you by authority figures in your life." Elena Georgiou
  3. Paradox is embedded in every moment of our lives. Each time we say yes, we are saying no to something else." Gina Paigen
  4. "The time to start is now. 'Someday' is not a date on the calendar. Don't wait for an arbitrary date, for another New Year, until your kids are grown, or some other conditional state. You'll never be 100% ready, so start before you're ready with what you have today. Even imperfect actions and baby steps are progress." Stephanie Ghoston
  5. "In every cell in our body there is a 'psychic space'. Within this inner space resides a divine wisdom that is the essence of our creative nature." Vincent Perri

Coaching Tips!

  1. "If you are trying to be perfect... then it is not possible to be present and behave in a way that you can establish trust and intimacy with the client." Lalita Raman
  2. "At the heart of 'Beginner's Mind' is the idea that we can help our clients listen to what they most need to hear, in a space that fosters reflection and introspection and embraces the unknown... We become pioneers and explorers... We know, that what we do not know, is where it all begins." Shawna Campbell
  3. "Some clients flounder among conflicting goals and priorities. Helping them identify and name the 'Parts' (of themselves) in conflict can spur a useful internal dialogue while acknowledging all aspects of the self. Goals formed with awareness of internal conflicts are less likely to be sabotaged by renegade 'Parts'." Judy Frabotta
  4. "As coaches, we remain at the ready to serve and support our clients. Even on our 'not so good days', we show up unapologetically for others – but who shows up for the coach? I have an answer for that... You guessed it; another coach!" M.E. Porter
  5. "Metaphors: Use a client's story in your questioning. If they say it's like being on a rollercoaster, ask about the ride. 'Who is controlling it?', or 'how could they get off or slow it down?'." Cindy Russell

Business Inspiration!

  1. "It's time to tread softly; start listening in to your own internal dialogue. Imagine that the Universe is a restaurant - and next time you catch yourself ordering a main of 'I’m not good enough', with a portion of 'I don't deserve success' on the side, you might want to cancel the order, literally, shout out loud – CANCEL, CANCEL, CLEAR." Pam Rigden
  2. "Don't be afraid to ask for the support and accountability you need." Joan Bell
  3. "A Coffee Morning gives your prospects a chance to see how you work, and to see the value and benefits of coaching first-hand... You also get to practise your group coaching skills in a relaxed setting, and it gets your coaching message out there into the world. Total win-win all round!" Sue Leslie
  4. "Zig Ziglar taught us that a sale is simply a transference of feeling. As I pondered that statement one day I realized the following. If sales is a transference of feeling then coaching is a transference of confidence." David Wright

Coaching Questions:

  1. "What voices from the past are you listening to?... Are you ready to stop hiding? Step forward and confidently... SHINE!" Dana Mich'elle
  2. "...go search for your soul, the essence of who you are – the person you are when you allow yourself to just be. ...ask yourself these fundamental questions, 'Who was I all along?' (before you took on any limiting beliefs) and 'Who am I becoming?' When you re-connect with your soul in this way you will find the personal strength and motivation you need to make your dreams come true." Pam Rigden
  3. "What do you want? ... take a moment to visit that wondrous place inside - the land of possibilities, the terrain of your deepest desires, the landscape of your very soul. What does your mind's eye see?" Eli Landa


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