10 Key Qualities You Need to BE to HAVE a 6 Figure (Coaching) Business

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There are plenty of resources out there to help you run and grow your coaching business; articles, ebooks, courses you can attend in person, online courses you can attend virtually or ecourses you can do from the comfort of your own home. But there are some things they won't teach you - and that's how you need to BE to succeed. And that's what I've tried to sum up below, because in the last 10 years of growing a 6 figure business, I learned a lot - the hard way... And I'd love to share it with you!

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How (not ) to Sell Coaching & What to Do Instead | By Guest Author Ellen Ercolini

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This week's great article from Ellen Ercolini looks at how the "traditional" way of selling coaching fails us as coaches, and suggests a way out! Read on...

Selling coaching is not as easy as it seems when you're talking to people who are not coaches themselves. For many people, coaching is an entirely foreign concept, easily confused with therapy.

And it's very common to sell coaching by the hour, session or month.

When we sell by the hour, session or month, here's what a potential client hears: "It's 150 an hour, how many hours it takes will depend on how Read More...

Celebrating 5 Years of The Coaching Tools Company.com!


Wow - we made it! To 5 years! The Coaching Tools Company.com is now officially 5 years old.

I want to say a HUGE "Thank-YOU" for all your support, encouragement, sharing, downloading our free tools and  - and of course for buying our products! We couldn't do this without you.

Some 5 Year Business Facts: Did you know that The Coaching Tools Company.com now offers over 100 coaching tools, including 27 completely free coaching tools and templates. We add new content on a regular basis and our blog has over 140 articles geared specifically towards coaches with over 6,250 readers Read More...

Get Potential Clients to Choose YOU: Use this Simple Hidden Treasure Concept!

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Many of us (by us I mean coaches and people who want to help others and make a difference) think sales is complicated, hard, a chore or worse - something somehow beneath us that we shouldn't have to do.

Selling coaching IS challenging. First, people must WANT coaching (something they don't necessarily understand!) AND they must want to coach with US (someone they don't know!) Phew! No wonder it can be hard to get clients.

And all around us I see how big (and small) companies manipulate people into buying. I don't know about you, but I don't want Read More...

15 of The Best FREE Business Building Resources for Coaches on the Web!

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Have you noticed how much "Coaches" get marketed to online? Sometimes I feel totally overwhelmed by all the information, fast-paced videos, sales pitches, squeeze pages and frankly a little annoyed too - especially at the impersonal, never-ending stream of people promising to give us the golden answer and save us from our problems - and possibly even ourselves!

Well, recently I did a teleseminar for Noomii.com (a coach search and listing site) and I remember saying that while we get marketed to a LOT as coaches, there is a good side to this. It means there is also LOTS of Read More...

What is a Facebook Interest List and Why Should I Care?

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Facebook has got so overwhelming! Sometimes I'm just not getting the information I want in my newsfeeds. And from a business perspective, people who have liked my pages are not necessarily seeing my updates due to Facebook filtering what shows up.

Now, I was recently introduced to Facebook Interest Lists by Facebook Expert Mari Smith. And I am so excited by the possibilities, that I wanted to share this with you too. So, read on for top tips on how to use Facebook Interest Lists, how to follow a list and how to create a list all of your own!


Are You Disco Ball Marketing? | By Guest Author Steve Mitten


This article by Master Coach Steve Mitten, is about the importance of having a niche - or focus - in your practice.

Do you remember the disco ball?  It is that round, multi-faceted, mirror-ball that is a fixture at so many high school dances.  It was fantastic at breaking up a beam of light and scattering it into a million, faint, fleeting images across the dance floor.

Too many coaches market like a disco ball.  Being highly intuitive, feeling, inclusive, souls we do not want to say no to anyone.  So we send a bunch of weak, general and ineffective Read More...

What Are You Doing to Help Your Clients Have Their Best Summer Ever?

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Summer is a time for relaxing and recharging our batteries. But whether it's a staycation, a trip to the family cabin on the lake or a trip somewhere exotic our clients often find it difficult to make this transition. And sometimes people put so many expectations on the holidays that they end up disappointed.

Over the summer, most (non-tourism based!) businesses move to a slower pace. We go on vacations, take longer lunches, enjoy longer evenings, long weekends and lazy Sundays - and these all give people an opportunity to slow down, reflect and enjoy life a little more.

In

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Building a More Responsive Email List | By Guest Author Jeannette Koczela


For the past several years I have been building lists and always wondered why everyone thought they were so valuable. That's because my lists were not very responsive and the people hardly ever bought anything from me. Gradually I discovered several reasons that may have been responsible and when I changed what I was doing, suddenly, sales began to happen.

As I refined my approach to email marketing, the sales grew and now I am delighted to look at my email and regularly find several sales have come in. Now I'd like to share some of the changes I made Read More...

Spring Clean Your Life: Real-Life Marketing From Kacie Smith

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Kacie was so excited she sent me this awesome postcard she created to promote her "Spring Clean Your Life" Teleseminar - using our Spring Clean Your Life Toolpack!

And I was so excited, I wanted to share this inspiring example of a coach, promoting herself, getting out there and creating a Coaching Program/Workshop using Coaching Tools & Exercises.

And who knows? Maybe you're inspired to attend Kacie's teleseminar...

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