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You're great at what you do and offer huge value to your clients.

But does your message communicate your true value? Or does it sound like everyone else who does what you do?

With the coaching space getting increasingly crowded, you need to break through the noise. And the best way to do that is through the power of your message. In fact, your message is the foundation of your coaching business.

Think about it this way…

Marketing is simply sharing your message with the right people—so they're inspired to take action.

With that in mind, let me ask you something: Without a compelling message, how can we expect our marketing to work?

Now think about how much easier your marketing would be if you had a clear message that captivates your ideal clients and is authentic to you. I can already hear you breathing a sigh of relief!

So how exactly do you create a message like that?

The first step is to understand that people buy on emotion—and justify with logic.

So to be effective, your message has to connect with the hearts and minds of your ideal clients.

Now here's the piece so many coaches overlook: to do that, you have to put your heart and mind into your message.

Head and Heart Fused together in graphicTypical marketing messages are all from the head

They're logical. They explain who you help, what you help them with and the results you help them achieve. And that's all incredibly important so that people understand your value and how it relates to them.

But it's not enough. Here's why:

If you just communicate from your head, you're going to blend into the crowd. You'll sound like everyone else. Not only that, but your message won't create an emotional connection with your potential clients.

Crafting a message with heart

Remember, people buy on emotion and justify with logic. So if you really want to captivate the hearts and minds of your ideal clients, you need to put your heart in your message.

You do this by creating what I call your Core Message. Your Core Message lets people know what you stand for in your business. It's the big idea you want to share with the world.

There's something very powerful about taking a stand and making your position clear

Think about it. We're only inspired to take real action by those who take a stand!

And when you're clear about your Core Message, you'll rise above the noise.

Because while there may be lots of other coaches who do what you do, there's no one else who does what you do and takes the same stand as you.

So here's what we do:

  1. Create your Marketing Message, which clearly explains who you help, what you help them with and the results you help them achieve.
  2. Craft your Core Message, which expresses your unique stand.
  3. Artfully infuse your Core Message into your Marketing Message to create your Magnetic Message.

Here's a simple formula for you:

Magnetic Message = Marketing Message (head) + Core Message (heart)

Magnetic message formula as graphic

When you have your own Magnetic Message, you'll stand out in the most authentic way. You'll also be able to attract more perfectly aligned clients … who value what you do and who you are.

Aren't those the kind of clients we love to work with?

The Formula in Action

Let me give you an example from one of my clients. She's a grief coach, and here's the messaging we created:

  1. Marketing Message: I help those suffering from the loss of a loved one to heal so they can have the strength to feel whole again.
  2. Core Message: Grief is painful; it is also an opportunity to grow when you know how to journey through your grief.
  3. Magnetic Message: I help those suffering from the loss of a loved one to heal and grow through their grief so they have the strength to feel whole again.

Once we created her new message, she instantly got four new clients. That's the power of having a captivating, stand-out message!

My Core Message

Here's my own Core Message: You don't need to shout to get your message heard. The best way to stand out and captivate your ideal clients is by marketing with heart vs. hype.

I'm so passionate about this message. I truly believe that when you market with heart vs. hype, you attract the clients you most love to work with.

Why is that? Marketing with hype uses manipulation and false expectations that prey on people's fears and insecurities. That attracts people who want the "magic bullet" (which we all know doesn't exist).

Instead, marketing with heart comes from a completely different place. It honours both you and the people you're here to serve.

It's about creating a brand that connects with the hearts and minds of your ideal clients, and speaks your truth. Now you can attract clients who value what you do and who you are.

These aren't just words to me. They're the whole reason behind why I do what I do. They're the heart of my brand, "Marketing from Within."

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