The Journey Ahead: 7 Ways Coaches Can Help - published in choice Magazine (COVID edition)

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The recent issue of choice Magazine was the important ways coaches can help their clients during the global pandemic.

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And Emma-Louise Elsey has a featured article!

"The Journey Ahead - 7 Ways Coaches Can Help"
by Emma-Louise Elsey

Published in (Volume 18, Number 3), and reproduced with permission from, choice, the magazine of professional coaching

Included in this article: The 3 stages of chance and 7 ways coaches can help - with action ideas for each tip!

Article Excerpts:

  • "Coaches can help people ask the difficult questions and see the truth in their hearts. We can help people process  what they’ve learned from this experience. And we can help people understand, and connect more deeply to, their values (have they shifted during this time?) for a more meaningful life going forward."
  • "This crisis has provided a space and distance from ordinary life that has helped people see their lives in a whole new light."

Article in full here: The Journey Ahead - 7 Ways Coaches Can Help .PDF  by Emma-Louise Elsey

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