Fast and Furious Decision Making Exercise!

Two Women TalkingThis is a fun exercise to do with a client who can't make a decision.

What you need: Your client and a clear goal or issue that the client wants to make a decision around.

Start by explaining you're going to do a fast-paced exercise and explain the process (without sharing 'the big idea'). Then:

  • Ask the Client to express their issue/goal in EXACTLY 7 words
  • Then (you) ask a question related to that issue/goal - also in EXACTLY 7 words
  • The Client must answer in EXACTLY 6 words
  • Then (you) ask a question in EXACTLY 6 words
  • The Client must answer in EXACTLY 5 words
    And so on until...
  • You ask the final question in EXACTLY 2 words
  • The exercise ENDS with the Client making a decision in JUST 1 word!

The Big Idea: Due to the limited words used to both ask and reply, both client and coach have  to really focus on the core of the issue or goal. In addition, this exercise creates a shortcut to the client's sub-conscious mind (ie. what they REALLY want) as the conscious mind gets tied up counting the number of words.

The Trick: Is to do it FAST and get a 'pace' going so the client doesn't have time to 'think'! And it's guaranteed laughs as you both struggle to communicate in a specific (small) number of words!


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