The 5 Simplest Coaching Questions to Brainstorm Actions and Move Your Clients Forwards!

Easy Coaching Questions shown by yummy apple PieBelow are 5 of the simplest coaching questions that are super helpful when brainstorming actions. I find these questions useful in a business context because they are straightforward and immediately practical.

These coaching questions are also particularly helpful at the end of a seminar or workshop to help people take action and cement learning around a new skill or knowledge. And they are also great questions to ask when a client feels stuck, or is struggling with a big or difficult goal.

And what I love about these coaching questions is that they're so easy to remember. Now that you've seen them they'll always be up your sleeve.

So, Here Are The 5 Simplest Coaching Questions to Brainstorm Actions:

1. What could you stop doing?
2. What could you do less of?
3. What could you do more of?
4. What could you continue doing?
5. What could you start doing?

NB. Each question can also be expanded upon with further coaching questions to delve deeper if you need to. So, it's also an action brainstorming framework! What could be simpler?

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  1. Coach de Vida

    Hello! Nice suggestions. However, I think the boarders between “What could you do more of?” and “What could you start doing?” should be defined better because people usually confuse these two. Any suggestions about how to delimitate these two?

    • Emma-Louise

      Hi there,

      Well, I hadn't thought about that. So hmmmm.

      1) Things you could do MORE of - are things you are ALREADY doing, just that you will do more frequently or intensely
      2) Things you could START - would be BRAND NEW things.

      Does that help?

      Warmly, EL


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