5 Free Coaching Exercises to Help Your Clients Relax & Recharge This Summer!

Summer is a time for relaxing and recharging our batteries. But whether it's a "staycation", a trip to the family cabin on the lake or a trip somewhere exotic our clients often find it difficult to make this transition. And sometimes people put so many expectations on the holidays that they end up disappointed.

Over the summer, most (non-tourism based!) businesses move to a slower pace. We go on vacations, take longer lunches, enjoy longer evenings, long weekends and lazy Sundays - and these all give people an opportunity to slow down, reflect and (potentially) enjoy life a little more.

In fact, did you know that National Relaxation Day falls on the 15th August each year? I like that!

Now, while people are in this slower space it's a great time to not only recharge their batteries - but also to help them reflect on their needs, how they take care of themselves - and explore life balance. It's a great way to help you stay connected to your existing clients - and also a great way to reach out to potential NEW clients in the upcoming months through a newsletter or social media.

So, how will YOU help your clients - and potential clients - relax and recharge their batteries? How will you help them have their best summer ever? Use these tools in session with clients, as homework and with prospective clients too!

Best Summer Ever Coaching Worksheet

10 Things For Your Best Summer Ever!

We Recommend the Following 5 FREE Coaching Exercises:

  1. Our Free "10 Things For Your Best Summer Ever" Worksheet (available June thru August ONLY). Get your clients to make a list of what would make this their best summer ever, then pick 3 actions to move them forwards. It sounds simple (and it is!), but it's powerful too. Try it for yourself!
  2. Our Free "Wheel of Life" Template. Ask your clients to score their CURRENT satisfaction levels with each area. Then for each area, ask your clients to score what they would LIKE those scores to be for the summer ahead. From there you can brainstorm and identify 3 key actions that would help create those scores. To learn everything you need to know about this powerful coaching tool read: The Complete Guide to The Wheel of Life
  3. Our Free "The Effects of STRESS & Warning Signs!" Mini-Poster. Ask your client how many of the stress "warning signs" or symptoms they are currently experiencing. Then ask them how they would LIKE to feel over the summer? How could they use the summer season to slow down? What could they do differently? If there was just ONE thing that needed to change, what would it be?
  4. Our Free "Blank Coaching Wheel". Simply ask your clients to label each of the 8 areas with something that would "Recharge their Batteries" this summer. Then ask them to identify an action for each one, or an action for the 3 areas they're most excited about.
  5. Our Free "Tolerations" Clear Your Mind Coaching Exercise!  This exercise asks your clients to list out what they're tolerating in their lives. These "Tolerations" drain us of energy and can subtly - and sometimes on a really big scale - suck the life right out of us. Step one is to identify these tolerations (and often just identifying them is enough to get things moving). Next, help your clients use the summer months to create a plan - and take action on some of these things - freeing up energy for a clean slate in the fall! You could help them work on 1) one toleration a week, 2) their top 3 to get cleared up before the summer ends, or 3) pick the one toleration that would have the biggest positive impact and spend the summer working on that.

Love Coaching Tools & Exercises? Learn more about what coaching tools are, when to use them and how they can help in our Complete Guide to Coaching Tools here >>

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