Two Key Types of Coaching Clients & What You Need To Know To Easily Market To Them | By Stephan Wiedner

Plumber Fixing Sink

Let's imagine that tomorrow you wake up and there is a drip under your sink. What do you do?

Well, if you're a do-it-yourself-er, you get under the counter and fix it. And if not, you call a local plumber.

Consider that the match between the problem (the leak) and the solution (call a plumber) is very tight.

Now let's think about another common scenario. Let's say you wake up for the 28th Monday in a row feeling disheartened and maybe even downright miserable about having to start another soul-sucking week at your even more soul-sucking job.

What's the solution? Who do you call?

  • Your mom?
  • Your friend?
  • A neighbour?

Unlike the plumbing problem, the coupling between the problem (my career stinks) and the solution (hire a career coach) is loose. Very few people (maybe 1 in 100) think to hire a coach even though there are a lot of people who could benefit from coaching.

In summary there are 2 key types of coaching clients

  1. Those who have a problem in their life and think to hire a coach (the 1%)
  2. Those who have a problem in their life and don't know that coaching is a solution for them (the other 99%)

Back in my starry-eyed glory days when I was getting coach training, I was so stoked to help the 99%. In my mind, there was nothing but a humongous 'sea of opportunity'.

I still believe that to be true. But I also know that the tactics for marketing to the 1% and that 99% are quite different.

And after spending the last decade plus immersed in online marketing for coaches, here's what you need to know:

  1. The 99% need more time to convert into paying clients.
  2. The 99% need more education about how coaching works.
  3. The 99% are not looking for coaching. They are looking to solve specific life problems (get a better job, make more money, gain confidence, manage ADHD, etc...)


  1. The 1% want to be convinced that you are the right coach. They don't need to be convinced that coaching is the right solution.
  2. The 1% want to know the nuts and bolts of coaching (how much is it, the duration of sessions, etc.).
  3. The 1% start by looking for a coach in their area.

I deliberately put that last point at the end because it's not what coaches want to hear. I talk to so many coaches who insist they want to find international clientele. But while we know it doesn't matter, that you can coach over the phone or Zoom, the 1% still want that local connection.

So the 1%, the most eager, ready-to-hire, prospective clients look for a coach the same way they look for a plumber, dentist, doctor or physiotherapist. They go online and look for a coach in their area.

So, if you are struggling to fill your roster of clients, you need to start by showing up where the most eager 1% are searching—in local search results. And it can take time for Google to notice and show your website in search results, especially if you haven't done any SEO or search engine optimization.

And another way to get found locally is to get yourself listed on a coach directory, like Noomii. Chosen well, a high traffic directory of coaches provides another place for that 1% to find you based on where you—and they—live or work.

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Stephan Wiedner is the co-founder of, the web's largest company dedicated to matching coaches and clients. He holds an ACC credential with the International Coach Federation. As an Internet entrepreneur, Stephan works remotely and enjoys travelling the world with his young family.

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