Are You Zombie Marketing? 5 Questions to Help You | By Kristen Beireis

OK, so you know what a zombie is right? How do zombies act? Think about it for a second. They have only one thing in mind. All they want to do is turn other people into zombies.

Don't give in to Zombie Marketing!

So how did I get from zombies to marketing? Let me explain. No matter what stage your business is in, you've probably taken time to learn about marketing. You may have amassed a library of information about marketing in your head that can be hugely useful. You've probably also relied on other people to help you figure out what to do and it worked.

But are your results starting to slim down and lag behind? Or have your results started to come to a screeching halt, even though you are doing what the last teacher/mentor/guru told you to do? If your results are lagging, don't go guru chasing hoping one of them will bring you the results you used to get. None of them will.

Open your mind to what zombie marketing is. When someone spends a lot of time and money on marketing and follows what they've learned without integrating their own unique way of doing it in the process, you are zombie marketing. You might think that following what you've learned is the smart way to go. Well, yes, it is...  to a point. If you follow letter for letter, word for word and do exactly what you were told to do, then you will get results. However, those results won't last. They will eventually slim down, lag or just drop off all together.

If you are like most of the people I work with, it's at this point that you go in search of a new strategy or teacher to help you do something else. Your sales are sagging and you spend more money to get them back up. Again, sounds smart doesn't it? The old "You have to spend money to make money" adage. But, when exactly do you stop guru chasing? When do you get to make money? Or are you going to stay in the cycle of success, slump, success, slump, success, slump?

This pattern is all caused by Zombie Marketing - when you listen to everyone else, stop listening to your own instincts and values and get sucked into doing it "their" way. Your business will never reach it's full potential if you are Zombie Marketing. You will hit a brick wall that will make you question whether you can sustain the business you have (the answer is yes you can, if you snap out of zombie mode).

Don't Fall Into The Trap of Becoming A Zombie!Monster_zombie

You have to start creating your own way of marketing. You have the power and knowledge. How do you think the guru's found their spectacular way of marketing? They took all the knowledge they had and made it work for them. They customized, tweaked and made decisions based on what was right for them. At some point, you have to do the same thing or you will end up losing money, valuable time, and energy.

You already have the resources to create something new, different, and out of the ordinary that will totally boost the results you are currently getting.

Instead, Be Unique Like a Unicorn!

You have a choice. Trust your own knowledge and creativity or your business will stop growing. You can start changing the way you market your business now by choosing to look for your own, unique way of marketing. Take what you have learned and ask yourself if you have any new ideas to go along with it. Trust yourself. Trust your intuition. Trust your knowledge. Know that you have the power to change your own destiny. You don't have to become a Zombie.

Start trusting your own knowledge and creativity or your business will stop growing

So, the next time you sit down to do some marketing, start forming your own way of marketing and ask yourself these 5 questions:

  1. What have I been told are good marketing actions to take?
  2. What would be a more fun approach for me?
  3. What would be a more powerful way to do it?
  4. Where could I provide even more impact?
  5. How can I take marketing action and serve my values more?

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Kristen Beireis is the Trust-Building in Marketing Expert at Coaches' Marketing Source. She developed a unique process that uses personal values to create a more innate way of marketing your coaching business. Then it became clear she wanted to put her energies into the non-profit world where she could make a different impact, changing lives. She is now an employee, working for a non-profit she loves. Every day is filled with exciting new adventures.

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