WATCH Tools Clinic 1: What Makes My Heart Sing Exercise


And it is also highly experiential—so grab a notepad and pen, and be prepared to pause the video to make notes!

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This includes the updated, annotated slide that followed the group breakouts.

TOPIC: The "What Makes My Heart Sing?" Tool

Join Emma-Louise and your fellow coaches in this first ever Tools Clinic!

In this 30 minute session, Emma-Louise will first demo the What Makes My Heart Sing Tool (a personal favourite) and answer your questions about how to use this tool. Then Emma-Louise will answer any questions about this tool—or Coaching Tools in general.

Specifically during this session, you will:

  1. Participate in the demonstration of the What Makes My Heart Sing Tool.
  2. Learn how and when to use this tool in Groups and one-on-one with individual clients.
  3. Bring your questions about Coaching Tools.

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Please Note: The What Makes My Heart Sing Tool is in the Self-Discovery Toolkit.

What Makes My Heart Sing? Tool

What Makes My Heart Sing Coaching Exercise

What Makes Heart Sing Tool

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Self-Discovery Toolkit

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Here's what some people said about this session:

  • This class made my heart sing!
  • So simple yet so powerful!
  • This is great - simple and easy to use
  • It is a very inspiring tool!!
  • This was so wonderful, thank you the fabulous session!
  • I love this!! Thanks Emma-Louise!! Looking forward to more opportunities to learn for you!
  • This was GREAT! Looking forward to the next one!
  • Thank you. It was so much fun doing this tool live with the group.
  • I loved how practical is was, getting to share with attendees, asking questions. Thank you so much!!
  • Thank you Emma-Louise and Michela. I always enjoy and learn so much from you. xox

What Makes My Heart Sing: Useful Articles & Resources

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Anonymized Responses from the Meeting Chat!

What does making your "Heart Sing" mean to you?

  • Life purpose
  • what are your passions
  • your true joy
  • Brings happiness
  • feeling happy
  • joy
  • Energizes you and makes you feel alive
  • What brings joy to your life
  • makes feel alive
  • Something I love, my passion
  • passion
  • feeling energised/inspired
  • Enthusiasm, fulfillment
  • Brings joy to my life
  • what makes me joyful
  • what you love doing
  • What makes me happy
  • Joy and happiness
  • What makes you light up/joyful
  • Authentic
  • connect with your inner being
  • When you feel glorious and lose track of time
  • What gives me joy
  • Makes you come alive, energized
  • Life purpose
  • Congruence
  • peace
  • What I'd like to be doing rather than working!

Things that make your heart sing!

  • freshly done laundry can work! love that smell
  • connection with NATURE was a common theme
  • We discovered that travel makes our heart sing.
  • Lot of nature
  • nature, people, animals
  • Unique to each person, but also similarities
  • simple
  • things that are simple
  • connection with water
  • Nature, animals and connection with people
  • happiness connection
  • connections
  • outside
  • connection with PEOPLE
  • family and friends
  • Nature, sunsets
  • unborn baby kicking
  • Non materialistic
  • Scents
  • talking to adult kids
  • family/friends connection and conversation
  • connecting
  • Fuzzy things
  • no matter where we were nature matters
  • Peaceful times
  • Laundry
  • Journaling
  • exercise
  • everything mentioned was SERENE
  • Walking barefeet on the grass
  • Auto- care
  • Self care
  • intrinsic values
  • it is all about BEING
  • People connections
  • self love and self care

Why don't we do these things more?

  • We think we're too busy
  • we schedule work, but we don't schedule happiness.
  • Our to do lists
  • inertia
  • pressure to provide
  • time constraints
  • people loose connection with themselves
  • Belief that they are productive.
  • What people think….wasting time, etc
  • we forget to live MINDFULLY on everyday basis
  • It's like we are not aware of them, like they are really private, personal moments
  • caught up in stress vs taking care of s self
  • People need time to pause
  • People are often too busy
  • We should be earning! Guilt🙄

Who can you see yourself using this tool with?

• Stuck people
• I coach youth and I think they'd like this
• A Group - just starting a new one
• Definitely my clients
• People struggling with wellbeing and balance
• a person who is down about job loss
• Someone who is grieving
• Clients who are stuck or undecided about a career or job change
• People looking for a new career
• People working on work-life balance
• I'm planning to send this as homework to someone I'm supporting with Weight Loss
• I am already in my creating mode and thinking about using it with my Points of You tools
• clients with low confidence
• I use this tool with every client in the very beginning to help them see hope
• Someone struggling with the “new normal” with covid
• To ground people
• Use with a team to help support well-being at work
• Reframing
• Finding purpose/positive
• Its a great conversation starter even with friends
• people who need to expand their comfort zone

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Contributing Author:

Emma-Louise Elsey has been coaching since 2003 and is the Founder of The Coaching Tools Company and Fierce She's passionate about coaching and personal development. Originally a project and relationship manager for Fortune 500 companies she combined her love of coaching, creativity and systems to create over 100 brandable coaching tools, forms and exercises including 30+ completely free coaching tools. She now serves coaches and the coaching world through her exclusive newsletter for coaches, Coaches Helping Coaches Facebook Group and many other great tools for coaches, plus resources and ideas for your coaching toolbox. The Coaching Tools Company is an official ICF Business Solutions Partner.

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  1. Dana L Walden

    Hi Emma-Louise,
    Greetings from Geneva, Switzerland!
    If there's a seat left on February 17th, I would be happy to join the clinic re the "What Makes My Heart Sing" exercise.
    My best to you,

    • Michela Phillips

      Hi Dana, I'm glad you're excited about the tools clinic! We're running the clinic on a first come first serve basis, so we're not doing any registration. Make sure to turn up early to ensure your spot, otherwise, we'll also be sending out a recording 🙂
      - Kindly, Michela

    • Michela Phillips

      Hi Sofia, thanks for your interest in our tools clinic. For this clinic we're not doing registrations, we're just doing it on a first come first serve basis. We have room for 100 participants, so make sure you're on the call early! If you miss it, we'll be posting the recording as well 🙂
      -Kindly, Michela

  2. Julie Snow

    I participated in this webinar, and just wanted to say that it was almost as fun the second time around! It was also good to experience it again, helping it to 'sink in' about how I can use this with people. I am very much looking forward to the next one!

    • Michela Phillips

      So glad you enjoyed the clinic, Julie! Stay tuned for this month's clinic 🙂
      - Kindly, Michela


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