See How Our Website Has Changed Over 10 Years!


10 years of Pageviews!

The Coaching Tools is now officially 10 years old! And to celebrate our 10 years in business, we're offering 10% off Sitewide for 10 whole days! All discounts are automatically applied - enjoy! Check out our Coaching Tools Catalogue here >>

And in addition to our 10 year celebration post, we thought you might enjoy seeing how the website has changed over the last 10 years!

Did you know we've had well over 9 million pageviews in that time?

See below how the website has changed over the last 10 years!

At Website Launch in February 2009

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  • When we started out, we didn't know how successful we would be, so we copied our "Simplicity Life Coaching" website!
  • This means the Coaching Tools Company started with a pastel orange colour scheme.
  • The Free Gift with newsletter sign-up was one of my favourite tools, "Troll Travels" a powerful self-discovery exercise.

The Next Website Change in 2012

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  • Yay - we've gone blue!
  • It looks like we now have 2850 newsletter subscribers.
  • We also updated our header image to have images of people at work, rather than the casual people which suited Simplicity Life Coaching - my life coaching business.
  • And finally, on the larger changes, we moved the sidebar to the right-hand side.

The Next Big Website Update in 2013

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  • The website was getting bigger, so we added some category boxes to help people find their way around!
  • We added a "Site Search" box - the ability to search our site for what you're looking for.
  • As people's computer screens got bigger - so did websites, so we also made our website a little bit wider.
  • Following a survey where we asked you what you thought:
    • The free gift with newsletter sign-up switched to "107 Powerful Coaching Questions".
    • We reduced our individual tool prices to $9.95 (from $19.95) and our toolkit prices to $59 (from $75).
  • We also added to the homepage:
    • Our most recent blog posts.
    • Plus a "Most Popular Tools" Section!

The Next Mini-Website Update in 2014

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  • In 2014, we created the Small Business Coaching Toolkit
  • We played around with the wording, and website design a little moving social icons and search into the header.
  • We also switched out your newsletter sign up gift to be 2 eBooks - 107 Powerful Coaching Questions and 107 Quintessential Coaching Quotes.

The Next Big Website Update - towards the end of 2014

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  • We updated our logo - I love the crisp new look 🙂
  • The website has gone wider still, and we moved to a new website "theme"!
  • We became an ICF Business Solutions Partner!
  • And although you can't see it, this is when we created and offered a new newsletter sign-up gift of "549 Powerful Coaching Questions"!

The BIG Website Overhaul in 2016

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  • We gave our look and feel a BIG update. This was such a HUGE job we had to split it into two stages - in June and then September!
  • Importantly, we delivered our tools in a new way - as .ZIP files (neatly organized and saving time & effort)
  • Brand New Product Page Design with bigger, expandable images.
  • We upgraded the shopping cart & checkout process, redesigning it to be (what we hope is!) simple and clear.
  • We also created a brand new coaching tools catalogue with filters so people could search and find resources based on coaching type/topic/when to use etc.
  • We improved the way we delivered our free tools, and increased newsletter sign-up freebies from one tool to one free tool a month. Awesome!
  • Lastly, we simplified our site header, and did many smaller things eg. adding a Coaching Events Page.

The Facelift for 2019!

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  • We updated our homepage with a slightly fresher, more modern look - ready to celebrate 10 years.
  • Many other smaller changes have happened since we relaunched the website in 2016 including:
    • A fuller FAQ page & new Tech Support Page
    • Adding new product types: 3 Month Done-for-you Coaching Program and Social Media Products.
    • The ability to have sitewide sales without pesky coupon codes to remember.
    • Updating our newsletter look twice since 2016!
    • Adding the ability to search our website, and choose whether to search for products or articles, to help you find what you're looking for faster.

NOTE: Although we've looked into it, we've stayed away from scrolling websites with big images. Although they look modern and the images are attractive, these websites are often frustrating to find your way around! With well over 500 pages, over 100 products and many product types, website usability is a priority to us - because it's important to you!

So, there you go - 10 years of our website in pictures! We've grown and changed a lot. And most of those changes have been requested by or driven by you.

We listen! So if you have any suggestions or ideas, we'd love to hear from you.

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