2016 Website Upgrade - Announcement and Details!

We're excited to announce our latest website upgrade! We listened, and have been working super hard to make the website clearer, more informative and easier to use! It has been months of work, and we have more to come too...

But first, a thank-you so much for your continued support and encouragement, for your feedback and suggestions in our surveys and for your kind and generous personal emails letting us know how much you love our free coaching tools, newsletter and products. It really inspires me!

Below I outline the updates to the website.

Brand New Home Page Design!

  • You wanted a clearer, easier to navigate home page - so, we've modernised, cleaned and freshened up our look!
New Coaching Tools Company Home Page Screenshot June 2016

New Home Page Design

Brand New Product Page Design!

  • You wanted to see bigger images of the tools - so, we've given you bigger images! AND you can click to enlarge and get an even better look.
  • You found it hard to know which tools were best for you. So, we've also added benefits to the tool descriptions.
  • And we also now include key information like file type, whether it's brandable and which toolkits a product may also be in.
New Product Pagev2 June 2016

New Product Page Layout!

Brand New Coaching Tools Catalogue Page Design

  • You said you found it hard to find the tools you needed. So, we've added Filters (see red circle/arrow) to the Coaching Tools Catalogue so you can narrow down your search to the relevant tools.
  • We've also added an optional "Grid View" to see more products on one page.
  • You can search for individual tools, toolkits, on many coaching topics and more!
  • And because we're often asked which tools are suitable for Workshops and Group coaching, we've added a filter specifically for that.
New TCTC Catalogue Page Filters Grid

New Filters with List View - and Optional Grid View

Better Tool Delivery

  • You said it took too long to click every tool to get your downloads.
  • You also said you expected to see your tools in the appropriate toolkits when you bought many products and especially or the MEGApack...
  • So, we've added .ZIP file delivery. Now you just need to "Extract" or copy your files to your computer - and you get them in the relevant Toolkit folders!
  • We've also made sure all the product file names align with the tool names AND updated all our .doc filetypes to the more recent .docx format.
Zip File Download

Get Your Products all in one .ZIP File

Better Search and Security!

  • Sometimes you wanted to search JUST for tools, and sometimes JUST for articles. We've added a filter to the Search bar so you can choose what to search for!
  • We are also now an officially "secure" site, as denoted by the s after http. So you'll notice all our webpages now start https://
Article Search crop

Choose whether to search for Articles, Products or All!

And coming soon:

  • You wanted a complete Coaching Program, with a session by session guide and marketing materials. Well, the Renew YOU, Love Your Life! Coaching Program in a Box is coming June 12th!
  • You want to BUILD YOUR OWN "Toolkits" - a selection of tools at a discounted rate (coming soon!)
  • You wanted a MORE MODERN look to the tool IMAGES (most are done, some still in progress)
  • A cleaner design for the Free Resources and Tools too...

We hope you like the changes! Tell us by commenting below!

And if you have any other requests or suggestions, please just email us. Do take a look around and comment below to tell us what you think! Thank-you again for all your patience, support and encouragement.

Emmaprint681-180-pixesl-widWarmly, Emma-Louise.

PS. Find any technical problems/errors? Be the first to contact us & we'll send you a $10 Coupon!


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  1. Liliana Murdocca

    Absolutely love the new website. So much easier to navigate. It is awesome!! Congratulations and well done 🙂

    It screams buy, buy and buy!

    • Emma-Louise

      Dear Liliana! Thank-you so much 🙂 I am so glad to hear you love the website and that it's easier to navigate. The old website was definitely in need of some de-cluttering!!! We have more upgrades planned, but this was the big Kahuna. And we're very happy with it. Warmly, Emma-Louise

  2. Peter

    Hello Emma Louise (and Duncan!) I have just been enjoying your new website and wish to congratulate you!!


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