Troll Travels - Who am I - Self Discovery Exercise_u_v2_P1-500
Troll Travels - Who am I - Self Discovery Exercise_u_v2_P2-500

Troll Travels - Who am I - Self-Discovery Exercise

Invite surprising insights and ‘Aha’ moments with this fun exercise. One of our absolute favourite self-discovery coaching tools! (2 pages)


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  • Help your clients get really authentic with themselves
  • What makes your client who they are?
  • Which qualities do your clients value MOST about themselves?
  • Great confidence / self-esteem booster
  • Try it on yourself to get vital insights!

This is probably my favourite self-discovery coaching tool! Using Trevor the Troll, this powerful coaching exercise helps your clients get really authentic with themselves and figure out which of their qualities THEY value the MOST. The chances are, it won't be what they expect.

Your clients brainstorm their qualities ('good' and 'bad') on page one. Then on page two they begin the process of eliminating the less important qualities. The idea is that, at the end, they are left with the qualities that make up the core essence of who they are - but the qualities THEY truly value about themselves, not the qualities society or their loved ones want FOR them. (2 pages)

TIP: Try it on yourself first to get vital insights into this powerful and inspiring exercise and see what I mean! For a description of how to use this powerful tool click here >>

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