Celebrating 10 Years of The Coaching Tools Company.com - Sitewide Sale STARTS MONDAY 18 Feb - 10% off for 10 Days!

Emma-Louise with ams outspread Celebrating 10 years in business

Wow! The Coaching Tools Company.com is now officially 10 years old!

Firstly, I want to say a HUGE "Thank-YOU" for all your support, encouragement, sharing, reading our newsletter, using our free tools and  - and of course for buying our products! We would not be here without YOU!

Below are the details of our "Thank-you" sale, plus a summary of our successes and achievements, meet our team - and more!

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Here are some 10 Year Business Facts:

Global Website Rank from Alexa

  • Did you know that The Coaching Tools Company.com now offers over 100 coaching products to buy, PLUS 34 completely free coaching tools, user guides and templates.
  • On our blog, we add new content weekly and our blog has almost 500 articles geared specifically towards coaches.
  • Not only that but our weekly newsletter, "The Launch Pad", has over 43,000 readers from 175 different countries around the world.
  • According to Alexa.com, The Coaching Tools Company.com website ranks 163,620 in the world! And at a country level we rank:

    • 57,646 in the USA
    • 62,806 in the UK
    • 72,881 in Canada
    • and 72,962 in Australia.
  • In addition our website:
    • Receives 55,000 unique visitors and over 200,000 page views MONTHLY!
  • Our Facebook Page has been running since 2010 with 7,400 followers plus our Facebook Group which already has almost 6,000 members! (set up so coaches could help each other in April of last year).

Phew! And all this started from a big fat ZERO in February 2009!

It has been a LOT of hard work, tears shed and so much learning.

I am guessing at close to 25,000 hours of hard slog from me, plus the team! Coaching, writing, workshops, reading, listening, creating, learning, marketing, social media and so much more...

The Coaching Tools Company Team at Holiday Party

The Coaching Tools Company Team at our 2018 Holiday Party!

And while the first 5 years felt loooonnnnnng and I needed a lot of faith, perseverance and determination, the last 5 years have gone by in a complete flash! I am extremely proud that we've made it to year TEN.

I have a wonderful team!

As well as your support, we couldn't have done it without our awesome team! So, I've included a photo from our most recent Holiday Party - annotated so you can see who is who! Also from left are Adrian and Christopher - the partners of Mary and Natasha respectively. And for those of you who may not already know - Duncan is my partner!

Notable Achievements & Things We're Proud of Include:

  • Our team has grown to 4 people, and we'll soon be looking for one more!
  • This year we'll reach 5 years of being an ICF Business Solutions Partner.
  • And Emma-Louise was invited to co-lead the ICF's brand new "Life Vision and Enhancement" Community of Practice. In my 3 years of tenure, we've already grown this community to be one of the largest ICF communites for coaches and I'll be sad when my term ends at the end of this year!
  • In 2018, Emma-Louise was asked to present to The NASA Coaching Program (yes, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration) about Coaching Tools! So I can officially say, "We've worked with NASA!"
  • In 2017, we created The Heart of Coaching Giveaway with Marcy Nelson-Garrison, and Garry Schleifer of choice magazine. It was a runaway success, and is now in it's 3rd year!
  • Emma-Louise was interviewed by John Mattone (leadership coach and former coach to Steve Jobs) about coaching tools and her thoughts on the future of the coaching industry!
  • We're stepping up into our more personal goal to normalise talking about Mental Health, and in 2018 we created a series of extremely popular graphics for people to share for World Mental Health Day!
  • And we've donated over $30,000 to charity!

Blog and Products

  • The Coaching Tools Company Blog was recognized as a top 10 blog for professional coaches in a list of the Top 50 Coaching Blogs And Websites For Professional Coaches!
  • In the last 5 years we've created User Guides for our Coaching Toolkits and a 3 Month "Done for you" Coaching Program for Coaches.
  • Plus, recognizing how tiring, time-consuming and frustrating it can be to find great content to share on Social Media, we've done it for you. You can't run a business without a social media presence these days, so we created a whole new product type of "Social Media Graphics" - exclusively designed for Coaches and neatly organized by month, week and day!
  • We regularly produce infographics with original content for coaches, to celebrate coaching and around common coaching topics.
  • We introduced our "Meet the Coach" interview series so you could meet our guest authors and other coaches  from around the world!
  • And we LOVE our expert guest authors!

What's coming up in the next 5 years?

Well, I want to write a book - about being a coach - what you need to know before getting started and more. I want to address the questions I get asked - and the struggles I've both seen and personally experienced building a coaching business.

I also plan to launch a brand new website called "Fierce Kindness" this year. Work is underway - but it's a challenge finding time when The Coaching Tools Company keeps me so busy! We'd also like to create another coaching program, or some workshop products that go beyond just tools. And of course, we're excited to keep producing infographics that boost the coaching industry!

What about you?

So, what about you? What have you achieved in the last 1,2,5 or 10 years? It's an extremely valuable experience to look back and record your successes, what you're proud of.

And we want this for you. To make it to YOUR year five, ten - and beyond. To be excited for your future. To keep going through the challenges and come out the other side stronger, better and contributing to the world in a personal and meaningful way.

Tell us and share your biggest achievements in the comments below!
PS. And if you have any suggestions for how we can help - just email us, we'd love to hear from you!

Ready to save? Get 10% off now at our coaching tools catalogue!

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