Infographic: Does Coaching Really Work? The Benefits of Coaching Your Clients Should Know!


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As part of our focus on "The Benefits of Coaching", Tom Casano has compiled helpful statistics from various sources and surveys into one infographic you can use on your website - to demonstrate how and why coaching works to potential clients! Here's what Tom has to say:

You already know the true value of your coaching. You've changed lives and helped make dreams come true.  You've helped get people on their right path in life and you've seen coaching work and you know it works. You know coaching is effective!

But when a prospective client lands on your website or gets referred by a friend, they're not always as certain as you are that coaching will work for them. Why? Life coaching is still a relatively new field, and there is plenty to be skeptical about. To someone who has never heard of life coaching, or barely knows what a life coach is and does, the benefits and possibilities can sound a little far-fetched at first.

Someone who has never heard of coaching and has no idea about how powerful it truly is, might hear that a life coach can help them reach their goals, find their life purpose, and live their dreams. This sounds super-human!

And then there are people who think they've already got it all worked out or that they can "figure things out" on their own. One that I hear all the time is, "Why would I need a coach for my life?"

And the truth is, no one is going to understand someone else's life as well as their own. But at the same time, as a coach it's sometimes painful to know how effective your help, support, facilitation and guidance is, and how many people can benefit from coaching - but aren't! Doesn't it eat you up sometimes?

After all, your true calling and purpose in life is to help other people live their dreams, to be happy, confident, and live their best life.

So, what blocks you from helping improve people's lives? In part, it's the lack of understanding, skepticism and the uncertainty of this new field called "coaching".

It's astounding! If people really, really knew how much value you offer and how dramatically it can impact their life, wouldn't they be lining up at your door? There are millions of people who feel stuck, unhappy, lost, confused and lacking confidence. You know you can help them to dramatically transform their life. But they don't know that!

Thanks to a study from the International Coaching Federation (ICF), there are plenty of statistics that prove the effectiveness of coaching. For example, here are 4 benefits identified by clients from an ICF survey:

  1. 80% of clients improved their self-confidence
  2. 73% of clients improved their relationships
  3. 72% of clients improved their communication skills
  4. 67% of clients improved their work-life balance

To help you, we recently developed an infographic to help you demonstrate to visitors to your website that life coaching really does work, and really is effective. Feel free to share this infographic on your website to help prove to your clients that yes, coaching not only works, but it can totally transform your life!

Here is the full sized infographic, "Does Life Coaching Really Work?":

Does Life Coaching Really Work Tom Casano-900


Tom-Casano-headshot-smallContributing author: Tom Casano is the founder of Life Coach Spotter where we help you find new coaching clients. Just like you, we help you find clients who are feeling lost in life and want to live the life of their dreams.



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  1. Kylie Dotts

    I agree with how you said that nobody understands their life as well as themselves but that a coach really can help and support. Although we often think that we have our lives figured out sometimes it would be nice to know that you have a friend beside you who can help get you through tough times and live an even better quality of life. Getting a life improvement coach to help you make and achieve goals could do a lot to help you feel satisfied with what you're doing.

    • Emma-Louise

      Thank-you for taking the time to comment Kylie! I like the idea of a life coach helping create a better quality of life 🙂 Warmly, Emma-Louise

  2. Ridley Fitzgerald

    Life coaching sounds like a great thing. I love the fact that 80% of people who do it say that it improved their confidence. That's something I've always struggled with, so that would be nice.


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