WATCH: Free Neuroscience Training for Coaches From Expert Dr. Irena O'Brien!

We're super excited to share another Free Webinar—this time with Neuroscience expert Dr. Irena O'Brien*

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Are you interested in learning more about Neuroscience? *

Dr Irena is offering a CERTIFICATE IN APPLIED NEUROSCIENCE (for coaches and helping professionals)

  • 24 ICF CCEUs upon certification (15 Core Competencies and 9 Resource Development).
  • Next Cohort Starts: JANUARY 2022.
  • A 14 week professional development course in applied neuroscience taught by a neuroscientist.
  • Topics include The Science of Flow, The New Neuroscience of Emotion, Creativity and Problem Solving, The Neuroscience of Stress, Resilience and many more!
  • The Certificate Program also includes a Facebook Group, a Private Call with Dr. Irena plus Monthly Q&A Sessions.

This program takes you by the hand, module by module, to explain how the brain works and how it fits into your work with clients.

Get the knowledge you need to use brain science in your work with clients that you can use right away.

Dr. Irena O'Brien

Neuroscience Webinar Details

10 Research-Backed Strategies to Help Your Clients Change their Habits, their Behaviors and their Lives

  • LENGTH: 60 (includes promo) + "stay till end for questions"

In this jam-packed training you'll learn some of the common misconceptions about how the brain works, and also what the latest neuroscience tells us about creating long-lasting behavioral change. In particular:

  1. We'll debunk some of the common misconceptions about how the brain works
  2. You'll learn what the latest neuroscience tells us about how to create long-lasting behavioural changes

In this Webinar you'll discover:

  1. The neuroscience of willpower—and the secret to developing unshakeable discipline.
  2. A surprisingly simple 'trick' for overcoming procrastination and getting more done.
  3. How to use your client's progress loop to keep motivation naturally high.
  4. 8 ways to boost insight and generate more flashes of genius (so your clients can bring more creativity to their toughest problems).
  5. A 'like-magic' technique for creating instant focus.


  1. Why avoiding stress isn't always healthy—and what to do instead.
  2. How (and when) to multitask without compromising focus and productivity.
  3. How visualization can actually prevent your clients from achieving their goals—and what to do instead.
  4. Why most affirmations don't work—and how to really help your clients change their thought patterns (and lives).

This session is 60 minutes—although Irena has said she'll stay until she's answered all your questions!

Join us and learn what neuroscience teaches us about creating better results and lasting transformation for your clients.

Dr. Irena O'Brien

About the Presenter

Dr. Irena O’Brien, PhD, is a cognitive neuroscientist and has been studying psychology and neuroscience for over 25 years. She founded The Neuroscience School to un-complicate neuroscience and teach practical evidence-based tools and strategies that coaches and helping professionals can use in their practice. The Neuroscience School has a Certificate Programme in Applied Neuroscience offering 24 CCEUs with the ICF.

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* PLEASE NOTE: We have recently become an affiliate for Dr. Irena O'Brien. This is because we think what Irena offers is directly relevant to coaches, awesome and helpful! We are only affiliates for a few businesses that we feel truly benefit coaches.

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