Books on Coaching and your Coaching Practice

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Recommended Reading on Coaching and Your Coaching Practice:

Co-Active Coaching by Laura Whitworth et al. An amazing book about the true dance of coaching. It has tips, ideas, advice and suggestions - wrapped in a coach-like writing style that both soothes and inspires.
  • All Coaches
Coaching for Performance by John Whitmore. An excellent book that summarises the art of coaching in an organizational context. I still regularly return to it as a reference for Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.
  • New Coaches
  • Coaches new to Executive or Career Coaching
Getting Started in Personal and Executive Coaching by Stephen G. Fairley and Chris E. Stout. A left-brained book for right-brained coaches. Structured chapters on how to set up your business as a coach covers everything from buying a PC to finances and marketing.
  • New Coaches
NLP Workbook by Joseph O'Connor. I thoroughly enjoyed this workbook. It gives a great overview of NLP and lots of ideas for coaching tools and conversations. Other books by same author: NLP for Coaches.
  • All Coaches interested in NLP
The Complete Guide to Coaching at Work by Suzanne Skiffington and Perry Zeus. This is an excellent (if a little left-brained) and well-structured resource book. It has so much information (in quite small print) that you sometimes feel overwhelmed. Still, it has a thorough framework for 'coaching at work' that will be especially helpful to coaches who do not come from a corporate background. Also by same authors: The Coaching at Work Toolkit
  • Coaches new to Business, Executive or Career Coaching
The Portable Coach by Thomas J. Leonard. I love this fun and inspirational book by one of the founders of coaching. Lots of ideas of things to do with your clients and great personally too. And if you need a crash course in copywriting just read his chapter headings!
  • All Coaches
Tribes by Seth Godin. A short, arguably rambling and incomplete book, that nonetheless inspired me to keep going towards my dreams to build a life-coaching business. It's about 'Tribes' and how they need leaders - like us... The incomplete references are frustrating (what is TED? Well I looked it up and now I know). And despite it's many failings, it's still a book which pushes our envelope, inspires us to keep going - and makes us think.
  • Career
  • Business
  • Executive
  • Leadership
  • Personal


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