9th ICF Life Vision & Enhancement Community Webinar: Compassionate Self-Care & Reflection with Elizabeth Bishop

In 2017 the ICF created a brand new Community of Practice (CP) with a focus area of "Life Vision and Enhancement" - for those who do life coaching in their practices. I (Emma-Louise Elsey) was asked to co-lead this group along with Lynda Monk.

In this post I'm excited to share the details of our 9th live session as co-leader of the ICF Life Vision & Enhancement Community of Practice (CP).

Please note the following changes to these Community of Practice Webinars:

  • These sessions remain free - if you are an ICF Member. If you are NOT an ICF Member there is a $35 charge. If you register, you will also receive the session recording.
  • Attendees must enroll and attend through the Learning Portal.
  • IMPORTANT: Please note that CCEU certificates are no longer automatically sent out - you will need to follow the new ICF Process and save them to your member profile.

TOPIC: Compassionate Self-Care & Reflection, Integrating Who You Are with How You Serve

Join the ICF Life Vision and Enhancement Community of Practice and Elizabeth Bishop as we discuss the importance of compassionate self-care and reflection. We'll  look at "The Conscious Service Approach" with an emphasis on Self-Connection, Enlightened Communication, Transformative Relationships and Co-Creating Community.

Self-Reflective practice is an active process designed to heighten self-care, integrate who one is personally with what they do professionally, and enhance the overall quality of service. This is an interactive and experiential webinar with practical application strategies that can be implemented in daily life and coaching practice. There are 4 elements of Conscious Service, and Elizabeth will also explore 4 guiding principles and cardinal truths:

  1. Self-Connection - Self-Compassion is the result of Self-Love. Self-Care evolves organically in that energetic space.
  2. Enlightened Communication - Learn to suspend judgment long enough to see past it.
  3. Transformative Relationships - Everyone is already whole. Holding the vision of completeness honors the inherent worth of humanity.
  4. Co-Creating Community - Leadership is an energy not a position.

Webinar Date & Time

  • DATE: Thursday March 14th, 2019
  • TIME: 9.30am PST/12.30pm EST
  • LENGTH: 90 minutes

A recording will be available if you register for the webinar.

About Our PresenterElizabeth Bishop

About Elizabeth BishopElizabeth Bishop is the creator of the Conscious Service Approach designed to support helping professionals to reconnect with and fulfill their desire to make a difference in the lives of those they support. Following the completion of a diploma in Developmental Services and a degree in Psychology and Religious Studies, Elizabeth completed a Masters in Adult Education through St. Francis Xavier University, providing the opportunity to test and refine the elements of the Conscious Service Approach.

Connect with Elizabeth on LinkedIn here.

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