7 Summer Projects to Get Ready for Back-to-School!

In a few weeks, we'll all be caught up in the "back-to-school"energy. Use July and August to slow down, get organized and clear the decks and be ready when September rolls around! This fun graphic has ideas and inspiration to share and enjoy.

Happy Dog with Pencil in Mouth doing Summer Projects

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This graphic is for you - not for sharing with your clients - unless they are entrepreneurs/small business owners! My favourite project? I like 5) The Book Tidy, but I "should" 😉 focus on 7) Clean up my email inbox...

What to say when sharing this graphic?

  • Try asking, "Which Project most resonates with you?" or "What will you do to get focused and organized this summer?"

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Image of Cute Dog with Pencil in Mouth by Javier Brosch via Shutterstock

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