15+ of The Best FREE Business Building Resources for Coaches on the Web!

Starting BlockHave you noticed how much "Coaches" get marketed to online? Sometimes I feel totally overwhelmed by all the information, fast-paced videos, sales pitches, squeeze pages and frankly a little annoyed too - especially at the impersonal, never-ending stream of people promising to give us the golden answer and save us from our problems - and possibly even ourselves!

Well, I remember saying in a past teleseminar for Noomii.com (practical business building tips) that while coaches get marketed to a LOT, there is a good side to this. It also means there is LOTS of FREE stuff and useful content out there - to learn and grow from.

So, I thought it would be good to share some of these resources - especially those that have helped me grow my business. And please note, as I write this, I am NOT an affiliate and do not receive any money or benefits from any of the people I mention below.

Please Note: Some of these resources/people may well have squeeze pages, requiring you to sign up for a newsletter and be part of the sales machine, but that doesn't stop you learning from the newsletters, introductory free calls, sign-up bonuses etc. There is some great information to be had and YOU simply decide when and whether you want to unsubscribe from their information.

So, below is a list of my "go to" people over the years when I've needed need help or information. I have remained subscribed to many of these newsletters over the years!

15 of the Best FREE Business Building Resources for Coaches on the Web!


  1. Christian Mickelsen. I mostly listened to his free audios, but there are some great free special reports here like "How To Get A Rush of Potential Clients Lining Up To Have An Introductory Coaching Session With You".SOCIAL MEDIA
  2. Mari Smith, Facebook expert extraordinaire. I've learned TONS from Mari (and still have a LOT more to learn and put into practice!). Listen to her free trainings, watch what she does and how she does it. Get her newsletter, free social reports and information on her free webinar - 7 Steps to Facebook Success.
  3. LinkedIn. Read 21 Steps to Create the Perfect LinkedIn Profile from Melonie Dodaro. Personally I've found more business traction on LinkedIn than on Facebook. On Facebook, people are there to socialise, while LinkedIn is more business/employment focused.
  4. Pinterest - Some of the best articles about Pinterest I've read are from Problogger. This is an AWESOME Post: How to get started on Pinterest. Also, check out Create a Pinterest Persona, Pinterest Basics for Bloggers, The 3 Step Guide to Creating Pinterest-friendly Graphics for Your Blog. Also, scroll down this article for more great tips.NEWSLETTERS & PUBLICITY
  5. Linda Claire Puig on Email Marketing, Newsletters, Copywriting and more. Sign up for her newsletter at 6FigureNewsletters.com and get her Freebie "75 Best Newsletter Success Strategies".
  6. Joan Stewart, Publicity Hound. PR, How to get Free Publicity and so much more. I would recommend her free newsletter for all sorts of ideas around publicity, press releases, blogging or social media ideas. Also, if you want specific help she sells also "Special Reports" (mostly $7 each) on a large number of helpful PR-Related topics. I have bought a few of these. And there are also webinars you can pay for. But I would start with the free newsletter and take it from there.BUSINESS ADVICE FROM COACHES WHO HAVE BEEN THERE, DONE THAT
  7. Steve Mitten and his Info, Resources & Marketing Help For Coaches page. There are some great recordings on there about niching, the early days of coaching, coaching and the hero's journey. Get good solid advice about building a coaching business from an ICF (International Coaching Federation) Past President, Business Coach and Master Coach.
  8. Ben Dooley. Ben Dooley is a master coach and a coach mentor. He has a blog, newsletter, and I highly recommend checking out and joining his Coaching Skills Forum calls (even if you're an experienced coach) as we can always hone and sharpen our skills. In fact we've just started some of Ben's archived CSF Calls here.  Also, you can buy Ben's ebook and get the first 16 pages free at the bottom of the page here: "Finding Your First Five Clients" .
    You may also have seen some of the guest posts from both Ben and Steve on our blog too!BLOGGING / ARTICLE WRITING
  9. Blogging for small business - Copyblogger. How to create great content - copywriting, email marketing, SEO and social media. Sign-up for the newsletter and register (also free) to get access to free ebooks and a huge library of information...
  10. Blogging, online business, social media - Darren Rowse at Problogger. If you want to learn about blogging, sign up for his newsletter. Great ebooks to purchase (usually $15-30 each depending on special offers running etc) like 31 Days to a Better Blog.ROYALTY FREE IMAGES
  11. Royalty Free, FREE Pictures and Images for your publicity materials, infographics, newsletters, blog articles and more at Unsplash.
  12. And more from Stocksnap.SALES & MARKETING
  13. Global Marketing Trends - Trendwatching.com. The biggest and best companies use Trendwatching and pay hundreds of dollars for their industry reports. But YOU don't have to. They have a great free newsletter that keeps you in touch with high level global and local societal trends - so you can stay in the know - it's fascinating stuff!
  14. Get Your Free Marketing Workbook and other free marketing resources from Robert Middleton.
    Note: I bought Robert's workbook for creating a "Client Attracting Website" a few years back, and it's now been updated. Check out our Reader Discounts & Bonuses Page for a great discount on this product.
  15. Sales - Jeffrey Gitomer's Sales Blog It's sales all the way here. Perhaps more product than service oriented, but lots of great tips and advice. Get his newsletter on how to turn sales whines into wins, or do a search to find what you'd like to know more about on Jeffrey's blog.*BONUS* Resources!
  16. The first time I connected with Marcy Nelson-Garrison at Coaching Toys, a 30 minute chat quickly turned into an hour and a half! Whereas our tools are digital, Marcy mostly sells physical coaching toys from cards to games to books and more - which kind of makes her our sister company to The Coaching Tools Company.com! The products Marcy has selected for her store help us round out our practice and expand our coaching repertoire. Marcy has a TON of fun and exciting resources over at The Coaching Toys Store. Plus get her FREE eBook, 20 Online Resources for Creativity and Play when you sign up for her newsletter. Go check it out!
  17. Learn how to write Article Headlines that people want to read! Just type in your headline, and keep trying to improve your score with Co-schedule's Headline Analyzer!

As I put this list together and reviewed it, I saw how much I have learned and absorbed over the last 12 years or so. But also that there is still so much to learn!

I'd also love to hear who and what you could not have done without!
Just make a comment below and I'll add it to the list!

The Last Word: Finally, when it comes to building your business, REMEMBER, always do what works for YOU. If it doesn't FEEL right, it's probably a NO. But to grow our businesses (just like life), sometimes we need to step up, and step outside our comfort zone to try something new and challenge ourselves...

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  1. gale

    An excellent article with great resources. Many of heard of and follow but some new ones too. Thank you for taking the time to offer this.

  2. Yvonne

    What a great list! I am on some of these list while others I need to check out. I can't live without Pic Monkey and luna Pic for making graphics, they are both super easy and free for the most part and for pictures I like Pixabay. Thans again for such a wealth of resources a great for those of use just trying to get started!

    • Emma-Louise

      Dear Yvonne, thanks for sharing your extras! You are obviously enterprising and keen - great qualities when running your own business 🙂 Warmly, Emma-Louise


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