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Career Coaching Toolkit

Whether you're and executive coach, career coach or a coach helping someone with career goals, these coaching tools will boost your coaching practice and client's career.

The tools in this Toolkit are customisable, brandable Microsoft Word documents (.doc). They are delivered instantly, electronically, upon payment. Visit our FAQ for more info.

These Career Coaching Tools help your clients:

  • Identify their strengths & weaknesses including a simple 360 Feedback exercise
  • Review how to boost their strengths and minimise their weaknesses
  • Discover what's truly important to them in their work
  • Empower themselves in their current work situation
  • See patterns and threads that lead them to a new or happier career.

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This Toolpack Contains:

1. Boost Your Strengths Exercise

Help your clients really shine with this simple personal and career coaching exercise. Many developed cultures focus on improving weaknesses rather than strengths, even though studies show

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2. Career Discovery Pondering Questions Sheet

Help your client rediscover their buried career hopes and dreams and look for common threads and patterns that run through their life with this career questions and coaching exercise. There are 21 thoughtful career questions designed to stimulate your client's thinking over 7 pages with space to ponder and answer.

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3. Career Values WORKBOOK!

This Career Coaching Exercise is a workbook to help your client identify and prioritise their work or career values – what they need in their work life to feel fulfilled. This Career Values Workbook is essential if you have clients looking for a new role, changing careers or unhappy in their current situation.

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4. Personal SWOT Exercise

Use this this Personal SWOT Exercise to help your clients identify their personal Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. A key life, executive and career coaching tool providing top-notch material for goal setting

5. Reclaim Your Power at Work Exercise

If people aren't enjoying their work then they're not enjoying themselves for MOST of their waking hours! Use this career coaching exercise to help your clients get specific about what they are - and are not - enjoying in the workplace

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6. Simple 360 Feedback Exercise

This simple 360 Feedback Coaching Exercise provides a process and framework for your clients to ask for feedback on their strengths and weaknesses and help them identify their blind spots

7. Weakness Zapper! Coaching Exercise

This coaching exercise helps your client ZAP their weaknesses! with one of 5 nifty strategies. Your clients pick their 3 'worst' weaknesses (or things they most dislike about themselves) and then

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