How To Use The Cartesian Questions, Plus *New* Tool!


This month we're looking at back-to-school, goals and getting refocused. Now, I have loved "The Cartesian Questions" ever since I first came across them on my NLP Training. What prompted me to write about the Cartesian Questions was a powerful coaching experience I had with them last week...

First, What Are "The Cartesian Questions"? (and why you should care!)

In coaching, the Cartesian Questions Tool is a set of 4 questions that help your clients get new perspectives and understanding of what inspires and blocks them in making a decision - or seeking a particular goal. Use this tool to find Read More...

The Must-Ask Question For ALL Goals! (Plus 4 Questions To Explore Your Client's Goal Motivation)

child with magnifying glass

Setting Goals - there's a whole science behind it! But if there was one question to ask at every goal-setting discussion what would it be?

Well, top of my list would be this one:

"If you could have your goal now, would you take it?"

If they don't answer yes pretty quickly and convincingly, then it's time to ask some questions and dig a little deeper...

Still not 100% convinced that they want their goal? Try this series of questions below (NB. the questions are easier asked than described!):

What concerns do you have? What's holding you back? What would Read More...

Why Black or White Thinking May be Keeping Keep Your Clients Stuck!

black or white thinking shown by road sign Success or Failure

I don't know about you, but 'Black or White' or 'All or Nothing' thinking is one of the commonest issues I see with my coaching clients. When a client is stuck - it's often because they are looking at the world through this Black or White thinking filter - called a Cognitive Distortion (check this article out for more info. on what Cognitive Distortions are and a free tool to help you identify them!)

So, the big problem with Black or White thinking is that it forces a 'Grey' world full of possibilities, options and ideas into just two choices - 'my way Read More...

Goal Ecology - What Questions to Ask When Your Client Consistently Fails to Complete their Actions!

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Who hasn't had a client who SAYS they want to achieve a goal but consistently avoids and, for one reason or another, does not complete their actions? Well it could be down to Goal Ecology.

Our lives are complex - most actions have consequences that ripple out into other areas. And sometimes in the rush to set or achieve goals we forget to step back and look at how our goals fit into the bigger picture of our lives.

Goal Ecology helps clients avoid life's pitfalls. By helping the client look at the wider implications of a goal, we Read More...