What are Facebook Interest Lists and Why Should I Care?

personMH910221009Facebook has got so overwhelming! Sometimes I'm just not getting the information I want in my newsfeeds. And from a business perspective, people who have liked my pages are not necessarily seeing my updates due to Facebook filtering what shows up.

Now, I was recently introduced to Facebook Interest Lists by Facebook Expert Mari Smith. And I am so excited by the possibilities, that I wanted to share this with you too. So, read on for top tips on how to use Facebook Interest Lists, how to follow a list and how to create a list all of your own!

So, What IS a Facebook Interest List?

  • Well, a Facebook "Interest List" is simply a list of people you are interested in. (no surprise there then)
  • BUT what I LOVE about Interest Lists is that when you click on them, they show you a News Feed that ONLY contains updates from those people.
  • You see, Facebook has developed it's own formula for deciding what it will show in your newsfeed. And you won't always see what you're most interested in. UNLESS, you create (or follow) an Interest List!
  • I've created a few interest lists you might like to follow including:
    - Awesome Coaches!
    - My Daily Inspiration!
    - Inspiration for Coaches!
  • Once you've created or "Followed" a list, you just click on it to see ONLY what the people on that list are up to!

Top Tips:

  1. You can create a list about anything you might be interested in. For example you could put your clients in a list, marketing people you are following, or a hobby. The possibilities are endless! I created one for businesses on Salt Spring Island (where I live) which many in my local community are now following!
  2. Now that Facebook has a special formula for deciding what gets into people's newsfeeds, you may find your posts are not showing up in the newsfeeds of people who have, in fact, liked your page. So, sharing a list you are in with other people (and getting them to follow it) is a great way to get more people to actually SEE what you are doing!
  3. I'd love to add YOU to the Awesome Coaches! List. Interested?
    Just write the link to your Facebook Business Page on our Facebook Wall here.

To Access Your Facebook Interest Lists:

  • Click on the list you're interested in. You'll find them on the bottom left of your Facebook Home page.

To Follow an Existing Facebook Interest List:

  • When you're on the list page, Click the "Follow" Button on the top right of the page.
  • You can also Share this list with people and groups who might find it interesting - on or your page!



To Create Your Own Interest List:

There are a number of ways to do this, but the easiest is

  1. Visit the person or page you want to add.
  2. Then click on the cog circled below.
  3. Select Add to Interest Lists.
  4. Then choose the Interest List you want to add them to, OR Add a New Interest List.
  5. Done! Now simply add people and pages to your Facebook Interest List as you find them.

Create Interest Lists2

Now choose the Interest List you want to add them to, OR Create a New Interest List.



Bonus Tip! Organize your Facebook Homepage Favorites



1) Simply click on the pencil icon to the left of your Interest List. See the circle at the bottom of this image.

2) Then click "add to Favorites" (See the circle at the bottom of this image).

You can also drag and drop to rearrange your Favorites!

3) Click on the pencil to the left of an item ALREADY in your Favorites List

4) Click Rearrange. Now you're in drag and drop mode and can move your Favorite items about as you see fit!




















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