10 Great LinkedIn Groups You Need to Join if you're a Coach!

BusinesspeopleOK, so I felt excited to write this post after having some great discussions on LinkedIn this week.

LinkedIn really does seem to be the way forward for networking with other coaches, meeting potential clients in a professional context, sharing experiences, lessons learned, great resources and articles and having discussions. So many of us work alone in a home office so these groups are a great place to 'meet' like-minded people, ask questions, share ideas and/or best practices and stay inspired about our coaching community!

Here are 10 Great LinkedIn Groups for Coaches:

  1. International Coach Federation This Group has been around for nearly 5 years with over 30,000 members. Why are you NOT in this group?
  2. International Coaching Network  Lots of activity, lots of great coaches, questions and more. "This group is a risk-free zone to ask questions, share ideas and consult with other coaches."
  3. Professional Life Coaches Network  A smaller group dedicated to and supporting life coaches in growing their business. "This group is a gathering of life coaches who want to actively network with each other and provide life coaching resources, support, and services to empower each other to get more life coaching clients and make more money their coaching businesses."
  4. Coaching Zone For all kinds of coaches and people interested in coaching. "Whether you are a seasoned professional with a full practice or a new coach trying to break into the business, the Coaching Zone is the resource for you."
  5. www.thecoachingforums.com "An online independent community for coaches. Contributing to advancing and strengthening coaching; playing a role in helping a strong, young industry become something superb, significant and trusted."
  6. Coaches (Life, Business, Relationship, etc.) Support Group This is a members-only group, so you need to ask to join. This group is for you if you are a personal coach and/or speaker. "Join us to discuss client-attraction strategies, website building strategies, and specific coaching-related issues."
  7. Business Coaching 2.0  A members-only group so you'll need to request to join, but you'll get lots of great tips to build your coaching business... "This group is dedicated to business coaches and consultants who are serious about applying the latest methods, techniques and technologies that can advance our profession and success."
  8. CoachingCloud A small, but growing and professional LinkedIn group. "provides support and information to help you improve the results of your coaching and mentoring partnerships. We encourage open discussions and sharing ideas to help improve the results of coaching and mentoring."
  9. Find A Coach  A members only group. With a slightly different angle, "If you are a coach, let us know what you do and how you can assist us in our lives or businesses. If you just want to know more about what life and business coaches do, then this might be the group for you."
  10. Choice Magazine  The LinkedIn Group behing Choice coaching magazine. A friendly and fun group.

2 Extra LinkedIn Groups:

  1. E-Coaching: A dialogue between researchers and practitioners If you're interested in e-coaching. And what is e-coaching anyway? I joined this group recently and am curious to see where it goes.
  2. The Power of Positive Thinking & The Law of Attraction ? If you like hearts, stars, hugs and lots of love, check out this group dedicated to the law of attraction and positive thinking.

And finally, I got so fired up putting together this list that I decided to work late and create One final LinkedIn Group. It's brand new:

  1. Everything Coaching Tools! So, come and be part of the discussion. Join - and see where it leads. Enjoy.

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