Be an Inspiration to Yourself! (Graphic)

What could motivate us or our clients more than inspiring ourselves? This month's graphic is inspired by our our Role Model Confidence Boosting Exercise. Enjoy!

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Graphic for you to enjoy and share "Be an Inspiration to Yourself":

More than just a graphic, this is a coaching exercise you can do with your clients or they can do for themselves! Why not try it out?

Be An Inspiration To Yourself GRAPHIC

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Image of Businesswoman pointing with pen and notebook by Alliance via Shutterstock


  1. Virginia Reeves

    Good way to identify what strengths, talents, beliefs, and activities you desire to increase in your life. Also a good reminder to let those folks you are grateful for their influence.

  2. Anja

    This is a fantastic exercise, thank you so much for sharing. I think I'll use this one tonight for my group coaching clients. Awesome! Very helpful!


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