One Inspiring Way to Wrap-up With Your Clients! By Andrea Dray


Coaching is one of the most valuable investments that people can make in their lives - in fact it's an investment guaranteed never to depreciate!

The list of reasons our clients come to us for coaching is endless but no matter what the reasons are, ultimately they want to improve their lives. Coaching is a process and when clients put their heart and soul into it their results are invaluable - so when our clients reach their final coaching session it's something to celebrate.

The Final Coaching Session – The Start of New Beginnings

Our imagination is a wonderful resource that we have right at our fingertips. We can use it to help our clients powerfully wrap-up coaching with us by connecting them with a beautiful vision of their future.

Have you ever tried to make yourself dream a specific dream? Or woken from a wonderful dream that felt so real, so true to life that your sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch were all affected? Perhaps you closed your eyes again and tried to go back to sleep, to continue living in that dream, trying to make it your reality!

No matter how satisfied we are with our lives there is something magical about dreams. They can "bring to life" our deepest thoughts and desires, even if for only a few seconds. As coaches, we are blessed to be part of a wonderful profession that enables us to help people fulfill their dreams, change their reality and live the life they truly want.

Celebrate With Your Clients

In our sleep state we may not all have the capacity to dream on demand - but in our waking state we can all envision on demand! So, not only is this a beautiful and powerful way to spend the last coaching session, but it can also be a very moving experience!

And this is how I celebrate with my clients. I take them through a guided journey, similar to a guided meditation, to help them feel the reality of their dream or vision. The journey takes them to a place where they:

  • Have no more obstacles getting in their way
  • Have the love and support of those dear to them
  • See their vision come to life!

Envisioning a Beautiful Future

In that final session with your clients, it's a great opportunity to help them envision a beautiful future for themselves. And if we help them to envision strongly enough, to believe in and feel what they are envisioning, then we are giving them a gift they take with them to turn their vision into reality.

There are many ways to help your clients see the vision they have for their lives, so you need to find one that works for you. Then, after you've guided your clients through the vision they have for their life ask them the following:

  • What did you see?
  • Where were you?
  • Who were you with?
  • What were you doing?
  • What did you feel physically?
  • What did you feel emotionally?
  • What did it all mean?

Although our clients may have reached the end of their coaching process with us, this guided journey to their vision reminds them that all of what they want is achievable and waiting for them. It's the start of their new beginnings!

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