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Andrea Dray is a passionate, ever-evolving Life, Health & Wellness Coach. Her down-to-earth practical approach to getting and working with clients is just what some coaches need and so we asked to share a couple of her articles with our readers. She kindly obliged with popular articles on how she found her niche and how she wraps up with her clients.

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About Andrea

  • Lives in:Yokneam, Israel
  • Business Name: ANDi Coaching
  • Type of Coach: Life, Health & Wellness Coach
  • Professional Accreditations: Professional Certified Life Coach, PCC (ICA), Master Certified Health & Wellness Coach, MCC (ICA)

Author Bio

I'm originally from New York, grew up in South Florida and have lived in Israel since 1997. I received my coaching certification through ICA - Israeli Coaching Association (איק"א) and I also hold a Bachelor's Degree in Business from the University of Florida.

Throughout my life family, friends, and colleagues have always turned to me for advice, help, support and inspiration. Feeling great passion for helping others, I always knew I was meant to do more—I was craving to reach my full potential and to turn that passion into a profession. Fortunately, becoming a Master Certified Life, Health & Wellness Coach has allowed me to do just that!

I help women get clarity & direction, make the right decisions, find their purpose and passion, manage and reduce stress, create a healthier lifestyle, reinvent and rediscover themselves and live with harmony & balance so they can reach their full potential becoming the best versions of themselves.

My honest, sincere and down-to-earth approach are characteristics that set me apart from others and are what make me stand out as a life coach. What I offer is authentic coaching which is results-focused, inspiring, motivational and most importantly effective.

All of our life areas are connected to our overall well-being in one way or another. When we feel good emotionally we tend to feel good in all other areas of our life. When we feel good emotionally and physically we become the best versions of ourselves. When we are the best versions of ourselves we bring out the best in others.

I am often told by my clients how comfortable and at home, they feel with me. I believe in my clients and help them to believe in themselves, ultimately helping them step into their greatness to be their own best version of themselves. I sincerely love helping people make lasting, positive changes in their lives. I can help you do the same!

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