Renew YOU, Love Your Life Coaching Program in a Box

Renew You Love Life Coaching Program Exercises, Tools, Forms, Templates, Quotes and User Guides

Help your clients leave the blahs behind with this 13 Week Life Coaching Program!

You told us you wanted "done for you" coaching programs - including marketing materials, step-by-step session guides and more. Well, we listened and included some extras you asked for! So...

Your Life Coaching Program in a Box is here! Check out this fabulous transformational program with 14 tools specially selected to help your clients freshen up, find more energy and love their lives!

Can be run as a 3 Month or 13 Week or 90 Day Program - whichever you think will most appeal to your clients!

Brandable and Ready-to-use:

"Renew YOU, Love Your Life!" is a comprehensive, balanced and carefully crafted life coaching program that guides your clients through a 3 step process of self-discovery and growth over 90 days.

With these 14 fabulous brandable and reusable life coaching tools, forms and exercises PLUS user guides and marketing materials you'll have everything you need to run your life coaching program! See "Renew You" here >>

"I purchased the "Renew You, Love Your Life" coaching program and have just started running my first group through it. I love how it is put together - simple yet informative! Well worth the investment."
Teresa Abram, RHC Life Doula & Health Coach, Founder of Purple Door Health

Learn more about Coaching Tools in our Complete Guide to Coaching Tools here >>

Help clients connect with their joyful, energized selves!

  • Month 1: Discover what makes their heart sing, brighten up their lives and connect them with their joy and vitality
  • Month 2: Spring clean their life - let go of toxic relationships, unhealthy patterns and energy zappers
  • Month 3: Design powerful goals and craft supportive habits and a spark team to set them up for success!

Your clients deserve to wake up in the morning feeling excited about the day ahead! Help your clients to hit the refresh button so they can live the joyful, passionate life they deserve to be living.

Check out the Renew YOU, Love Your Life Coaching Program here >>

Included In The Renew YOU, Love Your Life Coaching Program:

Everything you need to market, promote, and deliver a great coaching experience to new and existing clients. Designed to establish a rhythm for your coaching sessions with built-in reflection so you deliver on your clients' unique needs and goals. Includes homework, a review and wrap-up process.

Renew You Love Your Life Coaching Program 3D User Guide

3 x User Guides and Instructions

  1. Renew YOU! Life Coaching Program - USER GUIDE (your session by session guide - including homework, questions to ask)
  2. Renew YOU! Life Coaching Program - ONE PAGE CHECKLIST (your program overview and client progress checklist - for you to check-off what you've covered with each client)
  3. Renew YOU! Life Coaching Program - TOOL INVENTORY (your detailed guide and tips on how to use each tool)
Brighten Up Your Life Coaching Program Exercise Page 1

New Tool for this Program!

14 x Brandable Coaching Forms and Exercises

  1. Brighten up Your Life! (BRAND NEW!)
  2. Coaching Goals Worksheet
  3. Take Stock and Take Action Worksheet!
  4. What Makes My Heart Sing? Exercise
  5. Energy Zappers Coaching Exercise
  6. Letting Go Exercise
  7. Detox Your Toxic Relationships Exercise!
  8. Daily Success Habits Exercise
  9. Identify Your Spark Team!
  10. 3 Month Vision Worksheet
  11. Next 3 Months Goal-Setting Sheet (BRAND NEW!)
  12. Monthly Client Review and Feedback Form
  13. Renew YOU! Coaching Program - Highlights Sheet (BRAND NEW!)
  14. Wrap-up Session Questions (UPDATED)

22 x Marketing Resources

Renew You Love Your Life Coaching Program Quotes GraphicsWe also provide the following bonus marketing materials to help you promote your program! Use on your website, on social media and in print materials as outlined below:

  1. Renew YOU! Coaching Program - Printable Poster. Brandable poster to print and put up where potential clients will see it!
  2. Renew YOU! Coaching Program - Marketing Copy. Engaging copy to use in a blog post or email and inspire participants to sign-up with you.
  3. Renew YOU! Coaching Program - Social Media Posts. No more agonising over what to say - use these done for you social media posts!.
  4. Renew YOU! Coaching Program - 5 x Social Media Graphics. 5 brandable attractive graphics to promote the program visually on social media.
  5. Renew YOU! Coaching Program - 13 x Inspiring Weekly Quotes, plus Quotes Text. 13 weekly shareable quote images to stay in touch with your clients and keep them focused.

PS. And of course, once purchased,  you can use the 14 coaching tools and exercises elsewhere in your practice - in your one-on-one sessions, workshops, with prospects and more!

Learn more or get your Renew YOU! Life Coaching Program here >>

I hope you love this life coaching program as much as I do - it's my favourite product on the website!

Let me know what you think (or ask questions) by commenting below.


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