Renew You Love Your Life! Coaching Program (Brandable and Done for You)

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The Renew Done for You Life Coaching Program

A Done for You Life Coaching Program

Everyone deserves to wake up in the morning feeling excited about the day ahead! Help your clients to hit the refresh button so they can live the joyful, passionate life they deserve.

  • Month 1: Discover what makes your clients' hearts sing and connect them with their joy and vitality
  • Month 2: A life 'spring clean', letting go of toxic relationships, unhealthy patterns and energy zappers
  • Month 3: Design powerful goals, craft supportive habits and create a spark team to set them up for success!

Readers told us they wanted a "done for you" coaching program. We listened—and included some extras too.

Help clients connect with their joyful, energized selves!

Renew YOU, Love Your Life! is a comprehensive and carefully crafted brandable coaching program. It guides your clients through a 3 stage process of self-discovery and growth over 3 months.

With these 14 brandable life coaching tools and exercises plus user guides and bonus marketing materials you have everything you need to run your life coaching program.

Help your clients leave the blahs behind with this Brandable Coaching Program in a Box!

"I purchased the "Renew You, Love Your Life" coaching program and have just started running my first group through it. I love how it is put together - simple yet informative! Well worth the investment." Teresa Abram, RHC Life Doula & Health Coach, Founder of Purple Door Health

What's included in this Done for you Coaching Program?

In this brandable coaching program you'll find everything you need to deliver a great coaching experience. We've included a detailed framework, checklist and coaching process to follow with exercises and tools, step-by-step user guides plus some bonus marketing materials to get you started.

3 x User Guides and Instructions

  1. ONE PAGE CHECKLIST. So useful! This is your program summary and overview. I recommend you refer to it often. It's also your client progress checklist so you can track what you've covered with each client.
  2. USER GUIDE. This is your detailed session-by-session guide that explains everything including homework and questions to ask.
  3. TOOL INVENTORY. This is your detailed guide—plus tips—on how to use each and every tool.
12 Week Coaching Program Template User Guide Image
Brighten Up Your Life Coaching Program Exercise Page 1
Brighten Up Your Life Wheel

14 x Brandable Coaching Forms and Exercises

  1. Brighten up Your Life! (Exclusive to Renew You)
  2. Coaching Goals Worksheet
  3. Take Stock and Take Action Worksheet!
  4. What Makes My Heart Sing? Exercise
  5. Energy Zappers Coaching Exercise
  6. Letting Go Exercise
  7. Detox Your Toxic Relationships Exercise!
  8. Daily Success Habits Exercise
  9. Identify Your Spark Team!
  10. 3 Month Vision Worksheet
  11. Next 3 Months Goal-Setting Sheet (Exclusive to Renew You)
  12. Monthly Client Review and Feedback Form
  13. Renew YOU! Coaching Program - Highlights Sheet (Exclusive to Renew You)
  14. Wrap-up Session Questions

TOP TIP: Once purchased, you can also use these 14 coaching tools and exercises elsewhere in your practice—in one-on-one coaching sessions, workshops, webinars, with prospects and more!

22 x Marketing Resources

We also provide the following bonus marketing materials to help you promote your program. Use on your website, social media, in emails and print materials as outlined below:

  1. Printable Poster. Brandable poster to print and put up where potential clients will see it!
  2. Marketing Copy. Engaging copy to use in a blog post or email and inspire participants to sign-up with you.
  3. Social Media Posts. No more agonising over what to say - use these done for you social media posts!.
  4. 5 x Social Media Graphics. 5 brandable attractive graphics to promote the program visually on social media.
  5. 13 x Inspiring Weekly Quotes, plus Quotes Text. 13 weekly shareable quote images that align with each of the 13 week themes to keep your clients engaged and focused.
Renew You Coaching Program Quotes x 13

Renew You Reviewed by choice Magazine

Our brandable done for you coaching program was reviewed by choice, the magazine for professional coaches

I've just discovered the perfect life coaching program in a box... all you will need to do is add your branding and show up as the amazing coach you are.

Renew You is very well designed and user friendly. You can have a new exciting offer for clients right away, and you can tweak and refine it until it feels like you created it yourself.


Read the full choice magazine Product Review here >>

Get a Detailed Look at Renew You!

See Emma-Louise give an overview of the Renew You Brandable Coaching Program.

Skip straight to 5m 18s to see inside this done for you coaching program!

So what do you think?

This done for you coaching program was specifically designed by a coach to save you time, energy, boost your confidence and help you deliver a fabulous experience for your clients.

The Renew You program helps you establish a rhythm for your coaching sessions with built-in reflection and allows for personalisation, so that you deliver on your clients' unique needs and goals. It also includes client homework, a powerful monthly review and wrap-up process.

And it can be marketed as a 3 Month, 13 Week or 90 Day Program—whichever you think your clients will like best.

There's a great overview and helpful checklist too:

Renew You Overview Doc

See the Renew YOU! Life Coaching Program here >>

I hope you love this brandable life coaching program as much as I do—it's my favourite product on the website!

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