*NEW* MANIFESTO! What Does The "Coaches Helping Coaches" Facebook Group Stand For?

You probably know that at The Coaching Tools Company we aim to provide the best resources for coaches we can! We realised however, that one thing was missing - community!

So we created The Coaches Helping Coaches Facebook Group to both support you AND help grow Coaching as a Profession.

Since the group started just over 2 years ago we've grown to over 12,000 members!

And as the group has grown, we've felt it was important to "take a stand" for both Coaching - and the Group.

Over the last 2 years we've been asking what you wanted from - and valued about - this group, and now at last the Manifesto is here. We hope you love it!

If you haven't already: Join this incredible community here >>

(and be sure to answer the joining questions!)

And Finally, Here's The Coaches Helping Coaches Manifesto:

Click here to get the FULL Group Manifesto (.pdf) >>

Coaches Helping Coaches Manifesto

What do you value most in a coaching community? Share by commenting below!

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