Coaching & Mentoring Summit 2024

15th May 2024 to 16th May 2024
About this summit

Step into the realm of Coaching & Mentoring brilliance, an exclusive summit casting its luminous glow on the virtual landscape of LOGYTalks. This isn't your average summit; it's a curated masterpiece designed for aficionados of coaching and mentoring, where every facet exudes an air of transformative mastery. This is an open-access self-serve summit where there is no selection and no middlemen between speakers and global audience.  This is unique and one of its kind summits; there is no other place like this summit!

[May 15th & 16th  2024: 48 hours straight] | [Virtual on]

Why Immerse Yourself in the LOGYTalks Coaching & Mentoring Summit:

1. A Symphony of Expertise:  Immerse yourself in a symphony of coaching & mentoring brilliance as virtuosos of the field take the stage. Each session is a carefully crafted movement, delivering insights and methodologies that resonate with a transformative cadence. Speakers are invited to speak on the subject they want as long as it is related to Coaching and Mentoring, no agenda and no bias!

2. LOGYTalks Nexus Lounge: Dive into dynamic discussions at the LOGYTalks Nexus Lounge – a vibrant space where the heartbeat of coaching & mentorship pulses in real-time. Connect with luminaries, exchange ideas, and be part of conversations that echo beyond the summit. LOGYTalks is an open-access self-serve professional platform with so many innovative features from Live Translation to Networking Rooms and Digital Library to keep discussions live beyond the Live Talks! LOGYTalks allows speakers and audience to interact Live.

* All participants can have participations certificates.

3. Mastermind Coaching & Mentorship Circles: Collaborate with seasoned mentors and fellow practitioners in intimate settings, sharing insights and refining your craft. Create Rooms/tribes for more professional discussions after the summits. LOGYTalks allows you to keep all your discussions and webinars in one place.

Who is it for: Coaches & Mentors
Organizer: LOGYTalks
Attendance: Online