19th April 2024 to 20th April 2024

We are living in unprecedented times that include wars, climate disasters, coming through a pandemic, moving into economic recession, racial strife and dissonance, increasing political polarization, and families and workplaces suffering from the impacts of mental health and trauma.

We, as coaching supervisors, have a role to support each other and coaches and our coaching clients in this larger ecosystem.

The 2024 ACSN theme is: The wisdom of nonduality in coaching supervision. This topic will invite participants to explore ways of being in these often-challenging times, which also includes an invitation to explore how the wisdom of non-duality can expand our capacity to hold space for our clients.

Our working definition of nondual is: Humans tend to separate the self from everything else, especially when the “everything else” seems alien or threatening. A nondual approach to coaching supervision invites being in a nondual presence, which opens a wider field of awareness where separation between self and other fades. When we begin to recognize that we are not our distracting thoughts, emotions, or bodily sensations, but rather a dispassionate, observing Presence, a peace of mind unfolds naturally. When we work with a nondual approach, we sit with our clients without holding any model, diagnosis, goal or technique in mind. We sit and work with what emerges. “Excerpts from Sheila Krystal and John Weldwood in The Sacred Mirror” 

The two days will include two half day workshops by John Whittington and Claire Genkai Breeze. There will also be shorter, 90 minute, experiential workshops on related topics hosted by: Edna MurdochPoYee DorrianDr. Okokon UdoDamian GoldvargAmaranatho Robey and Lisa Strogal. And, by popular request, our “Group Coaching Supervision: Experience It” workshop is returning for participants to join a coaching supervision group and experience a new or different supervisor. Come join us in our dialogue that promises to be impactful on your role as a coaching supervisor!

Who is it for: Coach Supervisors, Coaches and Purchasers of Coaching
Organizer: Americas Coaching Supervision Network
Attendance: Online