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Successful coaches embody the core values of coaching. They step into bold, unchartered territories. They live their values and are catalysts of change—both in their own lives and in the lives of others. In short, they are AWESOME!

But it can be hard to turn that into a coaching niche—so we created this Coaching Niche Finder Tool to help and get you started!

How to Find Your Coaching Niche

Some people are lucky. They know exactly who they want to help, how and why. But for many of us, well, not so much!

We may have a broad idea of our niche, but when it comes to our marketing—it's hard to communicate our value because we're so willing to help in any way possible. This makes it hard for our potential clients to imagine how we can help them and what specific results they'll get ie. how they will benefit from working with us. And if our clients can't picture the benefits, it's going to be hard for them to invest their hard-earned money with us.

And that's why we created this coaching niche finder!

Finding your coaching niche usually takes time—more time than we would like!

It's only as you gain experience coaching that you discover the kind of clients you like to work with, the goals and problems you like to work with your clients—and the types of people that are naturally drawn to you. In addition, as you work on yourself you learn where your unique strengths lie—and where challenges in your life have made you stronger. All of this combines to help you figure out who you can best help, and what you help them with (your coaching niche).

Yes, the faster you can get to a clear, workable (there are enough clients out there to sustain a business, you know where to find them, they can afford you) niche, the better.

But. Beating yourself up because you don't have a niche doesn't help—and could make things worse by adding to existing stress and overwhelm.

Instead, know that finding your coaching niche is a process. And remember to be kind to yourself as the process unfolds!

About This Coaching Niche Finder Tool:

This niche finder tool is loosely based around a self-discovery tool called "The Johari Window", a technique created in 1955 by psychologists Joseph Luft and Harrington Ingham. It was invented to help people look for blind spots and better understand how they are perceived by others—and themselves.

The Coaching Niche Finder exercise below was originally created as homework for a webinar called "What's Your Awesome?" that I ran in 2015 with a fellow coach to help coaches identify their unique "Awesomeness".

Coaching Niche Finder Tool 3D Image

Click to get your Niche Finder Tool!

The exercise has since been updated and we've added extra steps to this .pdf workbook specifically to help you to identify potential coaching niches.

PLEASE NOTE: This coaching niche discovery tool involves a multi-step process, and may take 2-3 weeks to complete.

Why does it take so long? Well, you'll reach out to people you trust to ask them for insights into what they value about you, and see how they think you could help others. Then you'll combine that with what you know about yourself, plotting out the answers on a grid, before reviewing everything you've learned and identifying some niche ideas!

So, What makes YOU Awesome?

And how can you turn that into a coaching niche?

Grab your free coaching niche finder worksheet .pdf here - and get to work!

The world needs coaching, and that means the world needs YOU!

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