Featured INFOGRAPHIC from Dr Mickey Parsons: Producing Extraordinary Leaders

This featured infographic is from guest author Dr. Mickey Parsons. He is an Assistant Professor of Coaching Psychology, founded The Workplace Coach in 1999 and loves to mentor coaches at all leveles, as well as train leadership coaches.

This powerful graphic shows the benefits that executive coaching provides leaders - with stats from the ICF as well as an outline coaching process.

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Leaders with capes flying into the sky

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Contributing Author:

Dr. Mickey Parsons, MCC, founded The Workplace Coach, LLC, in 1999. Since then, Mickey and The Workplace Coach's award-winning team have coached thousands of executives and leaders. Based in Atlanta, Mickey is also an assistant professor of coaching psychology and has a passion for coaching that extends to mentoring new and existing coaches and supporting leader coaches in obtaining their certifications through his Certified Leader Coach® program.

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  1. David

    This is a great infographic. However, as it is predominently a sales aid for The Workplace Coach, I would be reluctant to use it.

    • Emma-Louise

      Hi David, thank-you for your comment and I appreciate your comments.

      We thought it was a good graphic to share because it is so visually "punchy" and uplifting. But depending on context, the extra information about the company may make it harder to use for coaches generally.

      I may ask Dr Mickey if he can do another version with just a logo, but we have a lot on our plates right now - so I'm not promising! But maybe!

      Warmly, Emma-Louise

      • Emma-Louise

        Hi Richelle, I will contact Dr Mickey and see if he is willing to create one with just his logo. Warmly, Emma-Louise

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