Easy 1 Minute Calming Meditation GRAPHIC

This month's theme is Mindfulness and Meditation, so we created a super-simple 1 Minute Meditation graphic - that anyone can do, any time! Share, use to start your coaching sessions, in workshops and more!

How to use this Easy 1 Minute Meditation Graphic?

  1. Share with your fans and followers on social media - see below for some ideas on what to say.
  2. To use this calming 1 minute meditation with your clients or in workshops, groups or in teleseminars, simply read the steps below out loud EXCEPT FOR STEP 4! Then, instead of reading Step 4, simply set a timer on their behalf. It's that easy! Tip: Find a nice meditation-like "bong" to signal the end of the meditation, and not an "alarming" sound!

Grab a printable .pdf of this meditation graphic here >>

Here's your Easy, Calming 1 Minute Meditation Graphic:

1 Minute Meditation Beautiful Graphic

Share this 1 Minute Meditation Graphic on social media to inspire your fans!

  • EASY: Say to fans and followers, "Here's an EASY 1 Minute Calming Meditation for you to do - any time, any where. Enjoy!"
  • MEDIUM: Share the graphic as above, and ALSO talk about how you use meditation to find calm in your life.
  • CHALLENGE: Record yourself reading the meditation graphic aloud (audio or video). Then share that on social media!
NOTE: Want to share JUST the Meditation Graphic (and not the whole article)?
Right-click (or Ctrl+Click on Macs) to save the graphic to your device, then share that graphic direct from your device!

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